The Most Needed High 5 For Friday.

Yesterday was a weird day. The speech therapist that I work with was rushed to the hospital yesterday during work. That man is amazing. He has so many difficulties in his life but he has done so much with it. More than I could ever imagine even doing with mine. He should be ok. I just feel terrible. He is living in a hotel right now because his home and his wife are multiple towns away and we were desperate for an SLP for the summer so he said he would come and help us out. So his wife is super far away and doesn’t have a car. Oye. It is just a mess. I feel awful. And sad. I want to go and make him a casserole or something so he has warm food. But most of all I don’t want him to feel like he is alone.

So this High 5 For Friday is needed. I need to remember the good things that happened this week. I have to. So let’s get to it.

IMG_20130625_1333011. My Mary kay VoxBox from Influenster came. I love free stuff.

IMG_20130622_1517432. Baseball games. The only time it is ever socially acceptable to pay more than $10 for a blue moon.

IMG_20130626_1414483. The best sandwich place in town got a makeover. They close at 2pm and I got there at 2:01 and the doors were locked. They took pity on me and let me in. THANK YOU!!!

IMG_20130627_2104504. Trying not to eat a whole cheesecake from Trader Joe’s in one sitting by myself.

IMG_20130621_2334585. Just because flowers. I love this man.

Those were the good things that happened. They were pretty good.

Happy Friday.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Needed High 5 For Friday.

    • Influenster sends you stuff for you to review and take surveys on and it’s all free. I qualified for the Mary Kay box. So that came in the maul the other day 🙂

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