Stitch Fix # 3

I have been a total slacker about posting about my Stitch Fix. Honestly, I have been trying to decide how I want to do it (I am probably just over thinking it…a lot.). I couldn’t really decide so I just took some photos of what I got and am posting them. I kept the entire box and I am really glad I did. There were a few things in there I originally only kept because it was cheaper to buy the whole box then it was to not buy the whole box…ya know? But I ended up loving those pieces just as much if not more than the pieces I really wanted in the first place.

Here is what I got:

PS. Don’t judge how wrinkly they are. some of them I wear all the time and sit in piles on my dresser because it is easier to grab them, than it is to fold them and put them away all the time. IMG_5011Like I said, don’t mind the wrinkles. I have already shown you these jeans here. But seriously, they are amazing. And I love them and I wish it wasn’t 108 degrees outside so I could still wear them.

IMG_5012You can see how this dress fits on here. I love this dress. I have already worn it multiple times and every time, I get compliments. It is the perfect length and it isn’t heavy and it fits my boobs!

IMG_5016This shirt I wasn’t too crazy about at first. But I wore it with white shorts and it looked really cute. SO I guess I am not sad that I kept it.

IMG_5022I have a confession to make. I really like this necklace. I don’t really buy jewelry anymore because I sell it, and I just can’t justify spending more money on jewelry especially if I can’t make it a tax write off. But I really like this piece. You can see it on here.

IMG_5020When I tried this shirt on the first time, I was nowhere near impressed. I was actually kind of disappointed by how boring it was. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. I love this shirt! It looks AMAZING tucked into skirts and the color is great and it is incredibly soft. Seriously, I am so glad I realized  how amazing this shirt was.

So that was my Stitch Fix. I am completely happy with this service so far. It is so much better than actually having to go to the mall and pick out my own clothes…

Happy Monday!

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