Note To Self..Don’t Take 1.5 Hour Naps At 7:30PM…

My internal clock is all sorts of out of wack. Summer Vacation makes my body think I am 20 again, so I go to sleep at 2am and don’t wake up until noon. It’s terrible. I really need to stop this.

PS. I have AMAZING friends. This just happened.

Go there. My BFFF wrote that and is now totally famous. Seriously love that guuuurrrl.

17_546620236509_6832_nThat’s her in the glasses. Oh 6th grade graduation…I wish I could still be that stylish.

I think that is going to be it for today.

Does this count as my favorite things, Ashley? haha

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I Have No Idea What Number Stitch Fix I Am On.

Dear Stitch Fix,

I love you even though you make me want to go broke. That is all.



With everything going on this month I kinda forgot to post about my Stitch Fix. I am not sure how that happens, since I am absolutely obsessed with it and feel the need to win the lottery so I can just get a fix every week. Too bad I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon. So for now, we stick to once a month and hope that I don’t love everything in my box. Yes, I know that sounds weird to say, but it is a lot cheaper when I don’t buy the whole box, so secretly I half hope not to love everything in my box.

IMAG1316This tank is cute on the hanger. It has a lot of good detail to make it not boring, however, it was a little too tight in the boob area and it made me look pretty boxy. This went back.


IMAG1318This shirt was purple, which is always a plus, BUT the back of it was so long and had a slit in the middle (on the back side). Like on a tux, you know what i am talking about? I can’t think of the name of it. But it was like that. And that was weird. Also, it was almost $80. I’m sorry, WHAAAT? 1. It is see through. 2. I feel like I have a tail. 3. I can find something similar at marshall’s for $16.99. and 4. $80!!!!! This went back. Thanks, but no thanks.

IMAG1319This shirt was so comfy and soft, but if I am being honest, and when am I not, on this little blog of mine, it was pretty boring to get in a stitch fix. So it went back.

IMAG1325I absolutely ADORED this skirt!! Unfortunately it was just a tad too tight. I think the phrase goes ” Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.” I was so sad. Stupid wide rib cage. BAGH. It was totally affordable too! I was so sad. If the skirt had fit I would have kept it and the white shirt too. Too bad when I emailed for a different size, they said they didn’t do that. BOOOO. This had to go back.

IMAG1329This dress is SOOO comfy! The best part? I needed a black and white dress for Rally and this came right before I left! Perfect timing. I kept this.

That was my fix. I totally love the dress I kept. And as much as I loved that skirt and was devastated I couldn’t get it, I was a little happy that I didn’t spend too much on this fix.

Do you stitch fix? Have you found some awesome pieces? What about any duds? I wanna know!

Happy Tuesday!


New Phone = No Photos

Last week, Cody decided that he wanted to drop my phone on the ground. No big deal. There were no cracks, and it still did all the normal things I could think of so everything was good. Well, the next time I went to use my speakerphone (which is really often, especially if I am driving) I realized that something was wrong. My speakerphone didn’t work! BOOO, Cody viciously throwing my phone on the ground (you see how that escalated?) pretty much killed all usage of my phone when in the car. Actually, all usage, since the ringer decided not to work well anymore either. Well, I called him in my angry rage of realizing that my phone didn’t work and blamed him for it. You know, because that seemed like the reasonable and grown up thing to do.

Basically I was mad and tired and being a brat. I didn’t really blame him, only in that moment I did, It could have easily have been me that dropped my phone that last time and it would have been me that completely killed my phone. But lets be real I wasn’t going to take the blame for that, and I hung up the phone.

When I got home, Cody says to me… “I may have just spent money on something” Oh jeeze. Cody is the king of emotional late night internet purchases. Some of them are awesome, like the awesome fan we now have in our room, and some of them are not so awesome, like the indoor TV antennas that don’t work and are just hanging out in our garage. I was a little hesitant for him to tell me what he bought. It was either going to be awesome, or it was going to be something ridiculous.

Well….It was awesome. He bought me an iPhone! WHAAAT! I was totally shocked! I half heartedly told him to cancel the Ebay win because I didn’t need it, but didn’t force the issue too much when he said no.

So now I have an iphone. It is weird and I am still getting used to it. I am so used to having a droid, and before that a Blackberry. Everything else in our house is Apple except for my phone. It has been weird getting used to it even with all of our current Apple products. It still doesn’t even feel like it is mine. But also this means that I have no way to look back on the week from the pictures I had taken to figure out if there was something I could write about for today (because I haven’t backed up my old phone to my computer yet…).

So, yaay for having an amazing boyfriend! I have a phone that works!

Happy Monday!

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High 5 For Friday!

There were more than 5 awesome things that happened this week but here are some that I totally loved (and hopefully haven’t written about yet).

1005436_10100677139369188_1588495604_n1. New jewelry. Duh. Best thing ever.

IMG_20130720_1710152. Pit stops to Target on our way to Monterey and looking through the dollar-ish bins, found this fabulous $3 scarf! WHAAT!

IMG_20130725_2119173. Ellie got a new toy. This one lasted for almost an hour!

IMG_20130724_2056444. Going to the State Fair.

IMG_20130726_0010185. Converse was having a sale the other day and was able to order new Chucks for super cheap and they arrived yesterday! I think Cody will be happy that I can get rid of my old ones that used to be black and are now brown and holy….I have a hard time replacing shoes. Shoes are too expensive!

Happy Friday!

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So Many Things.

Coming up with a first sentence for this post is becoming rather difficult. I am pretty sure I have started to write something about 5 times now, just to delete it. And then I think of something to talk about and then 2 seconds later, I have already forgotten what it was. This has been happening a lot in my  life lately. I don’t think that is normal, nor do I think it is a good thing…oh well.

A few things:

1. I have rediscovered The Cosby Show. Holy Crap. I die laughing every time I watch an episode.

2. We went to the State Fair yesterday and ate a bunch of deep fried foods and sugary drinks and then came home to eat a chocolate bar, because I didn’t get enough junk food at the fair.

3. My wonderful blogger friend, Amanda, requested that I share a few photos of our new jewelry….I don’t think she Girrrl, you have really done it now!

1005436_10100677139369188_1588495604_nThis is how I opened all of my new jewelry. I basically sat at the door waiting for the FedEx man to get his butt to my house so I could do this. It is exciting stuff!








Ok, I will stop now. Well…at least try to!

So I guess I can do my whole outfit of the week thing now. It seems just a little bit of a let down now that I am looking at all the jewelry lol.




Happy Thursday!

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The Waiting Game And Motorcycles.

I am terrible at waiting. Sitting and waiting for the FedEx man to come and deliver 29 pieces of new jewelry is just not a fun game. So to pass the time, here is what we did this weekend.

Every year Cody and I go to MotoGP. Cody is really into motorcycles and I like how happy he is when we go. It is also pretty fun. On Saturday we drive down to Monterey, CA and hang out at the wharf. Every year we get dinner from the same restaurant, Crabby Jims. We always get the same thing. Clam chowder in a bread bowl and every year we can never finish them because they are just too big!

This year we got smart and split one. IMG_20130720_173819

Seriously, it is so delicious. You almost want to get 2 because they are that good, but if you don’t split it, you hate yourself later and you try to bring it back to the hotel room and that just doesn’t work. Trust me. I have tried it. Multiple times.

Also, the view at dinner is pretty nice.


After dinner we normally go down to Cannery Row and look at all the motorcycles. I never realized how ridiculous some motorcycles actually are. I just don’t get it.


IMG_20130720_195209I am not big enough to share, We had to get 12 cookies just for the 2 of us…. we finally finished them off yesterday.

998714_10100120737403333_296519947_nSunday is race day but the race doesn’t start til 2, so you go around pretending to be a hardcore rider.


This year we actually paid for seats, which was really nice! We didn’t have to sit in the dirt, AND we got to see the whole race because it was playing on the monitor, instead of just seeing the few seconds of vroom vrooms that go flying past your face for all of 2 seconds before the track is empty again.

IMG_20130721_152009After the race is over, there is this mad rush of people leaving and we always get stuck in traffic trying to leave. So this year we stayed a little longer after and went to the wine tasting area and just relaxed in the shade. I don’t know what goes together better than wine and motorcycle races….

So that was our weekend. It was fabulously cold and I loved it.

PS. I had to quit writing this in the middle because my jewelry came!!! EEEKKKK!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Paint.

When we bought our house a few years ago, we did a lot of work. We put in new floors and painted absolutely EVERYTHING. I was so over painting when we were through that I never thought I would ever want to paint again. Well 2 years later and I can’t stand the ugly yellow color that we painted our bedroom.

It was so warm and yucky and it looked like baby poop. Yuck. I was totally over it.
4D6B23A1-3180-4056-9625-1384854119AF(Don’t mind our unmade bed….)

So we (and by we I mean I) decided that it was time to paint. I am not very good at making decisions either.


See what I mean?

Finally, after 12 paint samples, a few custom color matches, 3 trips to Home Depot, and a trip to Lowes, we had colors chosen.



These 2 photos have really been my inspiration for our own room transformation. That top one mostly for the leopard print ottoman, and the bottom for mainly the paint. But I love everything about both of them, honestly. Eventually this is what I want our room to look like, but for now, I am happy with the paint change. We actually ended up color matching the lighter color of paint in that bottom photo for our walls.


This is our poorly created panoramic photo of our new color scheme. Its funny that when by themselves, neither paint color looks blue (they are both grey), but together the look really blue.

I love our new colors. It is so much cooler (temp. wise) and our room even feels bigger! What I don’t like: painting, especially when I have to do a lot of the work myself because it was my idea and Cody had to work. Thankfully he was able to help as much as he could. I love that man. Especially when he finished taping the room for me. I hate taping. Honestly, I hate everything about painting besides the finished product. I don’t want to paint anything for a long time.

Now our dilemma is trying to figure out how to decorate, especially because of that stupid window and the fact that our bed doesn’t go in the center of the room. (We have a dumbly laid out room.) Apparently it is a good thing I switched my major from interior design to speech pathology, because I am terrible at this whole decorating thing.

No, but really though. HELP. What should we do?!?!?!?
PS. those side tables are just stand ins until we find better ones.

Happy Tuesday!

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Rally Recap!

I don’t even know where to begin. I have slept in more hotel rooms than I have my own bed these past few weeks, but finally we are back for a while. well at least a little while, until we go to New York. PS. Did I tell you we were going to NYC? Ya… In August, a week after school starts back up…oops….Any suggestions on where to go?

Hold on, I am getting ahead of myself. Lets back up.

Last week I was in Texas for a jewelry conference and it was AMAZING. There are 9,000-ish women and we fill up the entire Ft.  Worth Convention Center for a few days. Last year was my first time attending Rally (that is what we call it) and it was fabulous. It was completely overwhelming, but it was an incredible experience. This year it was still unbelievably awesome, but it was also a different experience because I was able to comprehend the deeper meaning of it all.

We are a company based on biblical principles but it is not super Jesus in your face if you don’t want it to be. I don’t really talk much about religion on here because, well….I just don’t wanna.

Maybe one day I can explain where I come from, but it is complicated with my family. So for now, lets get back to Rally.

This year, I was able to somewhat comprehend how much my company cares about me and encourages me. Not just as a jeweler, but as a person as well. It is interesting to look back on a lot of my life experiences and realize that it is rare to be a part of something where the founders, the other people in it, or just the whole thing encourages you and believes in you.

For example: I have my BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology and also I have my License as an SLPA. I am not the greatest test taker, honestly, I am really terrible at taking them. The stress KILLS me every time and my mind goes blank. No matter how much I study, it doesn’t matter. BUT, if you show me how to do something or give me the option to actually go out and do it, I can. So when I went to go and talk to my advisor, she straight up told me that I shouldn’t even try to get my Masters degree and just be an SLPA. Ok cool. That was it for me. I went on doing the exact same thing as I was doing knowing that I could get my BS and then my license and not have to get my MA. It wasn’t until this year at Rally, that I realized “what would have happened if my advisor had just encouraged me to do better. To believe in myself and really go for it, to tell me that if I did work hard, I could get there.” Would that have made a difference? Would my life be different/better/worse if she had? I have no idea. I am not saying it is her fault that I didn’t do better in school. I am just saying, would it have made a difference if she had just encouraged me to do better/more, versus saying that I wasn’t good enough.

I don’t know. I just realized how lucky I am to have found a company that wants me not only to succeed in everything in everything that I want to do, but to do more than I thought I could do, and to dream bigger and that they would be there to support and encourage me the entire way if I wanted them to be. I guess I can’t put it all in one post. Now that would be overwhelming! So let’s move on and get to all the photos. And by all the photos, I just mean a couple….I haven’t even uploaded mine to my computer yet…oops.

995903_874761464131_1539163535_nMisti is my senior leader and she has an incredible story. One night of Rally, all the Senior Leaders get all fancy-afied and get recognized.

998174_428215320626038_95121754_nSunday morning there is an optional church service you can attend. We were front and center like we owned the place. We even were asked to save seats for the Horner family (the family that founded and still runs Premier Designs)!

35539_874760166731_1925380970_nMe and my Premier Grandma, Niquel with Time Horner, President.

970602_427737630673807_1338745755_nAfter 15 hour days, this is how we train.

21376_874757856361_2003647439_nEach day you have to wear a certain color, this day was emerald green.

998699_874761843371_975230220_nAll of us at church on sunday.

1005167_10100666312361598_1882984604_nWith Andy Horner! He and his wife founded Premier when they were 60! Here we are now almost 28 years later and it is seriously my favorite thing!

1001662_874761454151_1790190011_nBecause we don’t have enough accessories on already, we were given hats to wear during our “family’s training”….Super stylish.

1070101_10201445721210028_1165706178_nRed White and Blue Day. Probably the BEST day of Rally. Probably the most emotional day too.

So anyways, I could go on, but I won’t.

Happy Monday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday!! I am thinking that today is a “lets go ride some ponies day!”

Anyways, this week was crazy and busy and lazy and wonderful. Here are my 5 faves from the week!

1002106_10201445677128926_1170702395_n1. National Rally of course!!! So fabulous!

photo-272. Picking paint colors for our room….yes all those colors are different, no we don’t have enough choices. Yes, that yellow wall is super ugly.

photo-263. Our tomato plant became an actual monster, so Cody DIY’ed us a bigger trellis for it to climb on.

IMG_20130716_1600204. Quiznos with extra banana peppers! 🙂

IMG_20130718_2300355. The best news I got this week? MY NEW JEWELRY COMES IN ON TUESDAY!!!! (hopefully)

Happy Friday!

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Lazy Thursday.

During Rally, you wear nicer clothes and more jewelry than you ever thought you would. You also do your hair and your makeup everyday. Things that do not regularly happen in my life.





So after all that, I am wearing no makeup, very little jewelry and my hair is all sorts of funky. So that is my outfit post for the day…you get what you get, right??

IMAG1357So, whats up whats up. Don’t get used to seeing me look like this in photos…I normally at least try to try for things that go on the internet…..But if you were to ever see me in person (not at a jewelry event) you would probably see me look like this…

I am super fashionable…..

Happy Thursday!

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