Favorite Apps.

This was not what I was going to write about for today. I just got busy yesterday and hadn’t finished everything I wanted to do for todays post that I was planning on doing. Basically I went and got mani/pedis with the BFF and then we went to dinner instead of me working on my post. Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team.

I want to just share my 3 favorite apps/games on my phone (HTC one X) and my Ipad. I am not counting things like Facebook or my email app, those are just DUH choices so they don’t count.


1. Mint: I love my Mint app. It keeps track of all my money and how much I have spent versus how much I have earned (which is sometimes scary to look at) and it also allows me to create budgets for myself. If it has something to do with money, it’s got you covered.

2. Instagram: This is also kind of a duh choice, but it doesn’t really work for the Ipad so I am just going to let it count.

3. BatteryGuru: This is just for HTC one X, and if you have the same phone as I do, then you know that as soon as they decided to update their system a few months ago, the battery life went to crappiness (I wanted to use a less family friendly word there but I try to keep these posts clean…sorta). My battery barely lasts til 1pm now even if I am not using it. The ultra sucky part about this…This phone doesn’t have a removable battery for you to replace. So, Cody being my hero as usual, found BatteryGuru. It isn’t a miracle worker, but I am able to get a longer battery life with it.

Ipad: (this is for my home Ipad. If we were talking about my Ipad I use at work with my kids I would choose, Proloquo2go, peek-a-boo barn, and something else)

1. The Simpsons, Tapped Out: Hands down, this is what I use the Ipad for the most. Productive use of time and money, right? I go through phases with this game but I always seem to come back to it.

2. Pinterest: I like the Ipad app so much better than on any other device. There are a lot of nice features on it that just isn’t available on my phone.

3. HGTV Watch: We don’t have cable in our house. But we LOVE LOVE LOVE HGTV. It is really awesome to be able to watch HGTV on the Ipad and get my fill of it.

Those are my top 3 choices for apps for my phone and my Ipad. What do you use that I should be using?? I am all for downloading new/free apps!

Happy Wednesday!

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