High 5 For Friday!

It doesn’t feel like Friday today because I only worked until Wednesday this week. I am all sorts of off of what day it is. Anyways, here is the shortest H54F ever because I just got home from fireworks and it is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY past my bed time.

IMAG13021. 4th of July, DUH. Nothing says america like drinking beer and blowing stuff up.

IMG_20130703_2034102. For the first time in my life, my makeup actually has a real home. Normally I just have my makeup bags and I have always been fine with that until I saw something on pinterest saying that they always felt like they were living out of a suitcase when all their makeup was just kept in a bag and I kinda had to agree. Nothing really had a real place. I was always digging and I never really knew what I had unless it was something that I used daily. So I went to IKEA and picked up their makeup organizer and am now a happy girl with my new makeup home.

IMAG12943. I feel like I don’t even need to explain this. Lets just say it is now in my bedroom and I am painting my room so that this works better. Seriously? I am so in love.

IMAG12964. Mani/Pedis with the BFF.

994222_10201007593488302_447526466_n5. Weddings with all of my friends. Too bad it was outside with no shade and 110 degrees outside 😦
Still fun though!

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. I love that makeup organizer! I need to do something like this since I use a bag for all of my makeup and can’t seem to find any of it in a timely manner. Stopping over from H54F 🙂

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