Weekend Recap.

This weekend was a little crazy. My cousin got married down in the Watsonville area so we drove down there for the weekend. What was extra awesome about the wedding being in Watsonville, the speech therapist I work with lives with his wife in Watsonville but neither he nor his wife has a car so he has been staying in a hotel for all of summer school without his wife so he could ride his bike to work, and because the wedding was 15 minutes from his house, I was able to give him a ride home. Bonus, it was his birthday! Super awesome that he got to be with his wife and be home for his birthday which was also the first time in almost a month. But thats besides the point.

We had a few hours to kill before the wedding so we did what any other sane person would do and went wine tasting.


I had a feeling that it was going to be a dry wedding (which it was), so we came prepared with a bottle of wine.


It was a great (a little weird, but definitely wonderful) wedding. The couple had decided not to kiss until their wedding day, so there was plenty clinking of glasses to make them finally kiss. (They have kissed other people before, like I said, it was a little weird.) 993324_10100942977632618_1735900032_n

Sunday morning we had breakfast with the fam, and then me, Cody, and my aunt and uncle went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk before heading home.

My family is a huge fan of roller coasters so that is basically why we went to the boardwalk. That and fried food. The only problem? Cody can’t ride roller coasters because he gets sick, nor does he eat meat.

Well, for the first and probably last time in my life Cody went on a roller coaster with me.

This is how he ended up riding the roller coaster. AMAZING. IMG_20130707_120858

He didn’t feel good afterwards. But I totally give that man some credit for taking a chance on it! IMG_20130707_130011

Also, while my family ate corn dogs, Cody at veggies and rice with chopsticks….that man….

IMAG1312It was a great weekend with some nice and cool weather.

Now I am back to reality, well for today and tomorrow at least….

Happy Monday!

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