How to Get Your Boyfriend to Dress Better Without Really Trying (Guest Post by Said Boyfriend)

Guest post by Cody (the bf) while Amanda is out of town

To say I was not a fashionable kid/teen would be a gross understatement. I refused to wear jeans until I was a junior in high school because I thought they were lame and didn’t want to be like everybody else. After that I pretty much wore the weirdest things I could find at the thrift store.

So the idea that anyone would take fashion advice from me is pretty laughable… But in any case, something clicked in me a few weeks back and I bought more clothes in one trip than I had in the past few years combined (…it was a pair of shorts and two shirts). I had been reading the Male Fashion Advice section (and its frugal counterpart) of reddit, one of my favorite time-sucks on the web. Some of the basic introductory posts on that page, combined with Amanda’s sometimes-gentle criticism of some of my clothes and a need for some more grown-up clothes that aren’t dress clothes, helped me to decide I should probably go shopping. So I tagged along with Amanda to a J Crew Factory sale and it began…


Amanda hates these shoes and I’m pretty sure she’s not fond of this shirt. For the past few years, I’ve been a fan of overly baggy cargo shorts and slim-fitting jeans (go figure)… After reading up on some of the basics of well-fitting clothes, I decided I needed something new. (I’m also wearing my Casio calculator watch here, but don’t think I’ll ever say anything negative about that gem)



Everything here is J Crew Factory except the Sperry Top Sider shoes and the Premier Designs watch.


Amanda gave me quite a few compliments after I first wore this (or a similar) outfit. So that’s really the only feedback I can give if your boyfriend is a stubborn, fashion-challenged person like me… Tell him what you like, but don’t be pushy about it. Amanda didn’t pick out any of these clothes, but I asked her opinion about all of them. And let him come to his own conclusions and understand why it’s a good idea to have well-fitting clothes that don’t look like something a teenager (but not teenage me) would wear. When Amanda would occasionally try to suggest clothes for me, I scoffed at her ideas or dragged my feet. Now that I have a better idea of what I want, the shopping process is a lot more interesting.

I’m not going to throw away all my t-shirts and cargo shorts, but I think it’s probably important to at least know how to dress like a late-20-something.

How did I do? Give me your non-girlfriend-biased thoughts in the comments section below.

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