5 Ways I’m Entertaining Myself While Amanda is Gone (Guest High 5 For Friday)

Guest post by Cody (the bf) while Amanda is out of town

Amanda is gone until this weekend, but the world still turns (just a little more boringly). Here are five things I’ve been occupying myself with while she’s out of town:

1. OK, this was before she left — harvesting the smallest carrots ever:

photo 1

What the heck, lazy vegetables?! Why don’t you grow to normal food sizes??

2. Of course I had to buy some beer to cheer myself up when Amanda left. This one seemed happy enough to do the trick:

photo 4

3. Speaking of puppies … Here’s one panting on the floor after a game of fetch:




4. Dude. Pretzels with cheese. Duh.

photo 3

It was a sad, dark day when Target stopped selling cheese to go along with their snack bar pretzels (which, on their own, are the same styrofoamy salt sticks you can get anywhere). This bad boy is from a German beer/sausage/hipster(ish) place in town. They have some vegetarian stuff on their menu that I can eat, but this is definitely the best thing I’ve had there.

5. Code:

codeI’m no pro web designer by any means, but for whatever reason messing with stuff like this super late at night while blasting music through a pair of headphones is super relaxing for me. I’m working on a portfolio website for a friend (I made this one for myself and this one for a different friend), but it’s only fair to point out I was mainly just editing someone else’s code… I didn’t write all this from scratch like I did with my much-simpler site.

And now I’ve given Amanda one more thing to make fun of me for. Haha.

Happy Friday! How do you deal with an empty (well, more empty – our roommate is still here) house? 

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways I’m Entertaining Myself While Amanda is Gone (Guest High 5 For Friday)

  1. Love that your guest blogging for your girlfriend!!!!

    Don’t forget to stop by my blog and enter both my fabulous giveaways: a pink link bracelet from Gigglosophy and one from Henri Lou. And my link up is still up.



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