5 Funny Faces Our Puppy Made Recently – Happy Monday (Guest Post)

Guest post by Cody (the bf) while Amanda is out of town

Well, technically she’s back now. But she came home exhausted and collapsed with a faint, “Can you write another blog post for me…?”
So here goes: Probably the last time all of you will hear from me for a while. Our puppy Ellie makes a lot of funny expressions, but lately she’s been a lot more camera-shy. So here are five pictures I was lucky enough to snap, and all but one were taken while Amanda was gone and Ellie and I were bored.
1. Tired at the doggy park.

photo 1

2. Happy and panting in the car after said visit to doggy park.
“Weeeee! Let’s go again!!!”

photo 2

3. Contemplative dog really wants to chase those ducks.

photo 4

4. Amanda’s BFF Chloe discovers that Ellie still has quite a bit of extra skin left over from her early puppy days…
“For some reason this doesn’t seem to bother me.”
photo 5

 5. Ellie doesn’t really enjoy my new hobby of taking jumping, self-timed photos.


I hope this brightened up your Monday a little bit. Make sure to give Amanda a warm welcome back to the blogging world tomorrow, and thanks for tolerating me for three whole days!
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