When All Else Fails, Cook Tofu.

I was busy working all day doing Premier stuff and then headed over to my dad’s house, so by the time I had gotten back home, it was pretty late and of course I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. (I am still on texas conference time, where they feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so I never had to fend for myself) Well, the amazing boyfriend that Cody is, he went ahead and had dinner waiting for me when I cam home. Super sweet. Pasta roni and cauliflower. Nothing fancy but normally when cooked correctly, delicious foods.

Key word being cooked correctly….

Cody had filled the entire pot with water for the pasta-roni. For those of you who are much better chefs then we are, and you don’t cook pasta-roni, well there are very specific directions that should be followed on the back of the box. Cody decided not to follow those instructions So it turned out really gross and over cooked. The veggies, I thought I could eat, BUT I am weird texture girl and they were really mushy so that was a no go either. I love that man, and I am so thrilled that he was thoughtful and tried to cook for us but, it just wasn’t going to happen…

He then decided to just start putting in everything into a bowl and mixing it together to eat… Gross

photo 1Say hello to terrible pasta roni, veggies, with BBQ sauce.

I said goodbye, and Cody did too after he tried it…

So when all else fails, just make tofu with BBQ sauce. It was delicious and since there was nothing else in the house (because I was gone for 5 days and haven’t gone grocery shopping yet) to eat, this is what we got. Perfect timing too, the tofu was going to expire next week.

photo 2So that was my gross story about dinner.

Happy Tuesday!

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