Rally Recap!

I don’t even know where to begin. I have slept in more hotel rooms than I have my own bed these past few weeks, but finally we are back for a while. well at least a little while, until we go to New York. PS. Did I tell you we were going to NYC? Ya… In August, a week after school starts back up…oops….Any suggestions on where to go?

Hold on, I am getting ahead of myself. Lets back up.

Last week I was in Texas for a jewelry conference and it was AMAZING. There are 9,000-ish women and we fill up the entire Ft.  Worth Convention Center for a few days. Last year was my first time attending Rally (that is what we call it) and it was fabulous. It was completely overwhelming, but it was an incredible experience. This year it was still unbelievably awesome, but it was also a different experience because I was able to comprehend the deeper meaning of it all.

We are a company based on biblical principles but it is not super Jesus in your face if you don’t want it to be. I don’t really talk much about religion on here because, well….I just don’t wanna.

Maybe one day I can explain where I come from, but it is complicated with my family. So for now, lets get back to Rally.

This year, I was able to somewhat comprehend how much my company cares about me and encourages me. Not just as a jeweler, but as a person as well. It is interesting to look back on a lot of my life experiences and realize that it is rare to be a part of something where the founders, the other people in it, or just the whole thing encourages you and believes in you.

For example: I have my BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology and also I have my License as an SLPA. I am not the greatest test taker, honestly, I am really terrible at taking them. The stress KILLS me every time and my mind goes blank. No matter how much I study, it doesn’t matter. BUT, if you show me how to do something or give me the option to actually go out and do it, I can. So when I went to go and talk to my advisor, she straight up told me that I shouldn’t even try to get my Masters degree and just be an SLPA. Ok cool. That was it for me. I went on doing the exact same thing as I was doing knowing that I could get my BS and then my license and not have to get my MA. It wasn’t until this year at Rally, that I realized “what would have happened if my advisor had just encouraged me to do better. To believe in myself and really go for it, to tell me that if I did work hard, I could get there.” Would that have made a difference? Would my life be different/better/worse if she had? I have no idea. I am not saying it is her fault that I didn’t do better in school. I am just saying, would it have made a difference if she had just encouraged me to do better/more, versus saying that I wasn’t good enough.

I don’t know. I just realized how lucky I am to have found a company that wants me not only to succeed in everything in everything that I want to do, but to do more than I thought I could do, and to dream bigger and that they would be there to support and encourage me the entire way if I wanted them to be. I guess I can’t put it all in one post. Now that would be overwhelming! So let’s move on and get to all the photos. And by all the photos, I just mean a couple….I haven’t even uploaded mine to my computer yet…oops.

995903_874761464131_1539163535_nMisti is my senior leader and she has an incredible story. One night of Rally, all the Senior Leaders get all fancy-afied and get recognized.

998174_428215320626038_95121754_nSunday morning there is an optional church service you can attend. We were front and center like we owned the place. We even were asked to save seats for the Horner family (the family that founded and still runs Premier Designs)!

35539_874760166731_1925380970_nMe and my Premier Grandma, Niquel with Time Horner, President.

970602_427737630673807_1338745755_nAfter 15 hour days, this is how we train.

21376_874757856361_2003647439_nEach day you have to wear a certain color, this day was emerald green.

998699_874761843371_975230220_nAll of us at church on sunday.

1005167_10100666312361598_1882984604_nWith Andy Horner! He and his wife founded Premier when they were 60! Here we are now almost 28 years later and it is seriously my favorite thing!

1001662_874761454151_1790190011_nBecause we don’t have enough accessories on already, we were given hats to wear during our “family’s training”….Super stylish.

1070101_10201445721210028_1165706178_nRed White and Blue Day. Probably the BEST day of Rally. Probably the most emotional day too.

So anyways, I could go on, but I won’t.

Happy Monday!

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