I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Paint.

When we bought our house a few years ago, we did a lot of work. We put in new floors and painted absolutely EVERYTHING. I was so over painting when we were through that I never thought I would ever want to paint again. Well 2 years later and I can’t stand the ugly yellow color that we painted our bedroom.

It was so warm and yucky and it looked like baby poop. Yuck. I was totally over it.
4D6B23A1-3180-4056-9625-1384854119AF(Don’t mind our unmade bed….)

So we (and by we I mean I) decided that it was time to paint. I am not very good at making decisions either.


See what I mean?

Finally, after 12 paint samples, a few custom color matches, 3 trips to Home Depot, and a trip to Lowes, we had colors chosen.



These 2 photos have really been my inspiration for our own room transformation. That top one mostly for the leopard print ottoman, and the bottom for mainly the paint. But I love everything about both of them, honestly. Eventually this is what I want our room to look like, but for now, I am happy with the paint change. We actually ended up color matching the lighter color of paint in that bottom photo for our walls.


This is our poorly created panoramic photo of our new color scheme. Its funny that when by themselves, neither paint color looks blue (they are both grey), but together the look really blue.

I love our new colors. It is so much cooler (temp. wise) and our room even feels bigger! What I don’t like: painting, especially when I have to do a lot of the work myself because it was my idea and Cody had to work. Thankfully he was able to help as much as he could. I love that man. Especially when he finished taping the room for me. I hate taping. Honestly, I hate everything about painting besides the finished product. I don’t want to paint anything for a long time.

Now our dilemma is trying to figure out how to decorate, especially because of that stupid window and the fact that our bed doesn’t go in the center of the room. (We have a dumbly laid out room.) Apparently it is a good thing I switched my major from interior design to speech pathology, because I am terrible at this whole decorating thing.

No, but really though. HELP. What should we do?!?!?!?
PS. those side tables are just stand ins until we find better ones.

Happy Tuesday!

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7 thoughts on “I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Paint.

  1. I think you just need some bright colors now! The little knick knacks and a vase of flowers will change up the feeling of the room! Maybe some sort of picture or word canvas to the right of your bed could help balance the room out a little better ๐Ÿ™‚ Exciting times!

  2. Angle your bed out of the corner where you don’t have windows, place an ottoman or something like at the foot of the bed, add punches of color and accessorize!

  3. Those colors look great together! I’m more of a bright “wham in your face bright” type of person when it comes to wall color but the ones you chose have a nice elegance to them! Right now we live in Military housing so we can’t paint which bums me out, but someday when we get our own house I can’t wait to experiment with colors!

  4. Ohhh I love those paint colors! I think a big canvas or collage or prints/artwork above the bed would be great and fill up some of that space. I would add some punches of color in there too- pillows and within the artwork.

  5. Put the bed on an angle with the head in the corner. Grab some flea-market or Ikea tables & paint them the sea green color of your toss pillows. Lamps in with a nice curvy base in black and shades in leopard. And a few more photos like the one you have.

    PS: I found your blog when I was looking for Ipsy reviews. The title caught my eye, and I keep popping back here. Fun blog!

  6. I’d recommend doing a big gallery wall on the wall with the window, just to kind of work it in and busy up the rest of the space. you can get black & white engineer prints at staples for under $10 each and they are HUGE. they’d look nice with those colors ๐Ÿ™‚

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