So Many Things.

Coming up with a first sentence for this post is becoming rather difficult. I am pretty sure I have started to write something about 5 times now, just to delete it. And then I think of something to talk about and then 2 seconds later, I have already forgotten what it was. This has been happening a lot in my  life lately. I don’t think that is normal, nor do I think it is a good thing…oh well.

A few things:

1. I have rediscovered The Cosby Show. Holy Crap. I die laughing every time I watch an episode.

2. We went to the State Fair yesterday and ate a bunch of deep fried foods and sugary drinks and then came home to eat a chocolate bar, because I didn’t get enough junk food at the fair.

3. My wonderful blogger friend, Amanda, requested that I share a few photos of our new jewelry….I don’t think she Girrrl, you have really done it now!

1005436_10100677139369188_1588495604_nThis is how I opened all of my new jewelry. I basically sat at the door waiting for the FedEx man to get his butt to my house so I could do this. It is exciting stuff!








Ok, I will stop now. Well…at least try to!

So I guess I can do my whole outfit of the week thing now. It seems just a little bit of a let down now that I am looking at all the jewelry lol.




Happy Thursday!

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