The Waiting Game And Motorcycles.

I am terrible at waiting. Sitting and waiting for the FedEx man to come and deliver 29 pieces of new jewelry is just not a fun game. So to pass the time, here is what we did this weekend.

Every year Cody and I go to MotoGP. Cody is really into motorcycles and I like how happy he is when we go. It is also pretty fun. On Saturday we drive down to Monterey, CA and hang out at the wharf. Every year we get dinner from the same restaurant, Crabby Jims. We always get the same thing. Clam chowder in a bread bowl and every year we can never finish them because they are just too big!

This year we got smart and split one. IMG_20130720_173819

Seriously, it is so delicious. You almost want to get 2 because they are that good, but if you don’t split it, you hate yourself later and you try to bring it back to the hotel room and that just doesn’t work. Trust me. I have tried it. Multiple times.

Also, the view at dinner is pretty nice.


After dinner we normally go down to Cannery Row and look at all the motorcycles. I never realized how ridiculous some motorcycles actually are. I just don’t get it.


IMG_20130720_195209I am not big enough to share, We had to get 12 cookies just for the 2 of us…. we finally finished them off yesterday.

998714_10100120737403333_296519947_nSunday is race day but the race doesn’t start til 2, so you go around pretending to be a hardcore rider.


This year we actually paid for seats, which was really nice! We didn’t have to sit in the dirt, AND we got to see the whole race because it was playing on the monitor, instead of just seeing the few seconds of vroom vrooms that go flying past your face for all of 2 seconds before the track is empty again.

IMG_20130721_152009After the race is over, there is this mad rush of people leaving and we always get stuck in traffic trying to leave. So this year we stayed a little longer after and went to the wine tasting area and just relaxed in the shade. I don’t know what goes together better than wine and motorcycle races….

So that was our weekend. It was fabulously cold and I loved it.

PS. I had to quit writing this in the middle because my jewelry came!!! EEEKKKK!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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