High 5 For Friday!

There were more than 5 awesome things that happened this week but here are some that I totally loved (and hopefully haven’t written about yet).

1005436_10100677139369188_1588495604_n1. New jewelry. Duh. Best thing ever.

IMG_20130720_1710152. Pit stops to Target on our way to Monterey and looking through the dollar-ish bins, found this fabulous $3 scarf! WHAAT!

IMG_20130725_2119173. Ellie got a new toy. This one lasted for almost an hour!

IMG_20130724_2056444. Going to the State Fair.

IMG_20130726_0010185. Converse was having a sale the other day and was able to order new Chucks for super cheap and they arrived yesterday! I think Cody will be happy that I can get rid of my old ones that used to be black and are now brown and holy….I have a hard time replacing shoes. Shoes are too expensive!

Happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. Torn up toys, pillows, shoes, trash….a familiar site around here. It gets better for a bit, then the 2 puppies (1 and 2 yr old dogs) go all crazy on us again. Good thing they were so cute and made us fall in love with them! And congrats on the new shoes. I hated throwing away my last slip on Chucks, but they were downright gross. Still haven’t replaced them with a new slip on pair. Guess I need to get busy! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

  2. Holy tons of jewelry! Awesome! Also, as much as it makes a mess when the pup tears up a toy, it also makes me happy because he’s not tearing up one of MY toys (or shoes. Or fabric. Or loaves of bread)! haha

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