New Phone = No Photos

Last week, Cody decided that he wanted to drop my phone on the ground. No big deal. There were no cracks, and it still did all the normal things I could think of so everything was good. Well, the next time I went to use my speakerphone (which is really often, especially if I am driving) I realized that something was wrong. My speakerphone didn’t work! BOOO, Cody viciously throwing my phone on the ground (you see how that escalated?) pretty much killed all usage of my phone when in the car. Actually, all usage, since the ringer decided not to work well anymore either. Well, I called him in my angry rage of realizing that my phone didn’t work and blamed him for it. You know, because that seemed like the reasonable and grown up thing to do.

Basically I was mad and tired and being a brat. I didn’t really blame him, only in that moment I did, It could have easily have been me that dropped my phone that last time and it would have been me that completely killed my phone. But lets be real I wasn’t going to take the blame for that, and I hung up the phone.

When I got home, Cody says to me… “I may have just spent money on something” Oh jeeze. Cody is the king of emotional late night internet purchases. Some of them are awesome, like the awesome fan we now have in our room, and some of them are not so awesome, like the indoor TV antennas that don’t work and are just hanging out in our garage. I was a little hesitant for him to tell me what he bought. It was either going to be awesome, or it was going to be something ridiculous.

Well….It was awesome. He bought me an iPhone! WHAAAT! I was totally shocked! I half heartedly told him to cancel the Ebay win because I didn’t need it, but didn’t force the issue too much when he said no.

So now I have an iphone. It is weird and I am still getting used to it. I am so used to having a droid, and before that a Blackberry. Everything else in our house is Apple except for my phone. It has been weird getting used to it even with all of our current Apple products. It still doesn’t even feel like it is mine. But also this means that I have no way to look back on the week from the pictures I had taken to figure out if there was something I could write about for today (because I haven’t backed up my old phone to my computer yet…).

So, yaay for having an amazing boyfriend! I have a phone that works!

Happy Monday!

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One thought on “New Phone = No Photos

  1. Wow, that is one sweet boyfriend! Enjoy the new phone – and have fun playing with Siri! She may be your new bff!!! Totally jealous, in a friendly, “aren’t you lucky, should I make someone mad enough to throw my phone on the ground so they buy me a new phone sort of way?” way :))

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