I Have No Idea What Number Stitch Fix I Am On.

Dear Stitch Fix,

I love you even though you make me want to go broke. That is all.



With everything going on this month I kinda forgot to post about my Stitch Fix. I am not sure how that happens, since I am absolutely obsessed with it and feel the need to win the lottery so I can just get a fix every week. Too bad I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon. So for now, we stick to once a month and hope that I don’t love everything in my box. Yes, I know that sounds weird to say, but it is a lot cheaper when I don’t buy the whole box, so secretly I half hope not to love everything in my box.

IMAG1316This tank is cute on the hanger. It has a lot of good detail to make it not boring, however, it was a little too tight in the boob area and it made me look pretty boxy. This went back.


IMAG1318This shirt was purple, which is always a plus, BUT the back of it was so long and had a slit in the middle (on the back side). Like on a tux, you know what i am talking about? I can’t think of the name of it. But it was like that. And that was weird. Also, it was almost $80. I’m sorry, WHAAAT? 1. It is see through. 2. I feel like I have a tail. 3. I can find something similar at marshall’s for $16.99. and 4. $80!!!!! This went back. Thanks, but no thanks.

IMAG1319This shirt was so comfy and soft, but if I am being honest, and when am I not, on this little blog of mine, it was pretty boring to get in a stitch fix. So it went back.

IMAG1325I absolutely ADORED this skirt!! Unfortunately it was just a tad too tight. I think the phrase goes ” Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.” I was so sad. Stupid wide rib cage. BAGH. It was totally affordable too! I was so sad. If the skirt had fit I would have kept it and the white shirt too. Too bad when I emailed for a different size, they said they didn’t do that. BOOOO. This had to go back.

IMAG1329This dress is SOOO comfy! The best part? I needed a black and white dress for Rally and this came right before I left! Perfect timing. I kept this.

That was my fix. I totally love the dress I kept. And as much as I loved that skirt and was devastated I couldn’t get it, I was a little happy that I didn’t spend too much on this fix.

Do you stitch fix? Have you found some awesome pieces? What about any duds? I wanna know!

Happy Tuesday!



3 thoughts on “I Have No Idea What Number Stitch Fix I Am On.

  1. I really would love to try out this Stitch Fix business I see all over the blog world. Unfortunately, getting a box of cute clothes delivered to my door is the absolute last thing my budget needs right now. Love the dress!

  2. I FINALLY had luck with emailing Stitch Fix about an ill fitting item. The thing I love the most is always a little too tight…haha. So sad about the skirt! I would have wanted to keep it too. Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got. Hope to see you back on Thursday!
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