High 5 For Friday!

1. N’sync reuniting at the VMAs was probably the best thing that could have ever happened. Even though it was only for a minute, it was totally worth every second. Nsync-the-90s-boy-bands-2565747-2240-1573

2. Meeting up with my FIANCE in NYC!photo-33

3. Jewish deli’s that serve Matzoh Ball Soup. photo-32

4. Coming home from NYC. photo 2

5. Reuniting with my puppy 🙂

Happy Friday!

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Hey fancy friends! We are still in NYC so this is going to be short but I had to post something because it is my one year blogging birthday! To celebrate I ate a banana and Nutella crepe. I really don’t think there is anything better.


Happy Tuesday!

High 5 For Friday!

1. I got engaged.

2. I have had the whole bed to myself this week. It’s been nice, but I am ready to share again.


4.  I got to ask 2 of my friends to be bridesmaids and made one of them cry because of it 🙂
2 down, 2 to go.

5. My real ring came!

Happy Friday!

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Wedding Dresses.

I was all sorts of ready to show you how super fashionable I was the other day, but Cody took the SD card with my outfit on it to NYC. Convenient. So here are some wedding dresses I have been coveting for some time now. The only difference between now and a few weeks ago, is that I actually get to buy a wedding dress now. WEIRD. It still hasn’t sunk in.

cc161101f0b2af8626fd55070522c5d5Hello dream dress.

22d7ecf3ba537382ac60c18b1e27e263Bagh! I love the back of this!

4343360420d5d1ac2ece6242f24c97e3SOOOO PRETTY!

c679158dad67cd3d5679fc658a9f6dbbI am loving all of this.



758dcb4ddfa12c66bc52bb9a5ab7fd74Seriously, ILOVETHIS.


be4f9acbb91b7f68650bb2c8c9d07b1cIf I were going short, it would be this.





I have no idea how I am ever going to choose a wedding dress. I went randomly with my momma the other day on a spur of the moment trip. I am so overwhelmed.

Maybe it will be easier once it all sinks in.

How did you find your wedding dress? Or what kids of wedding dresses are your favorite?

Happy Thursday!

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2 Quick Things.

1. I got engaged on Saturday. When does it all start to feel real?

2. Has this ever happened to anyone else?photo-30My hands and nails are totally clean. I got a gel manicure on Friday, and they have started to turn brown and gross. I had to take off the polish yesterday because it looked disgusting.
Any reasons why this could happen? I wasn’t doing anything abnormal, they just started to turn. Should I call the salon? I am kind of annoyed. Normal polish would have lasted longer than this.

Anyways, to end on a happy note, I get my real ring tomorrow! Also, for those of you who don’t care, here is a cute puppy photo.

Happy Wednesday!

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Weekend Recap.

This weekend we went up to Amador County to go have a picnic in wine country with my BFF and with our friend Lauren and her new fiancé. I thought we were going to “celebrate” their engagement because we hadn’t seen them since it happened….

Well….I was wrong.

564539_10100705104347148_802142681_nThe bottle is engraved! Its not a sticker. And the champagne inside was pretty good too 🙂

Here is the video of how it went down.

So yeah… Apparently I have a fiancé now!
(It still doesn’t feel real.)

Too bad he leaves for NYC today and I won’t see him until Saturday when I get to fly out there. But until then, at least I have something shiny to look at! I also, start back at work today, so I am pretty excited to randomly throw my left hand around until people notice. Yes, I am one of those girls. Its all in good fun though 🙂

Happy Monday!

High 5 For Friday!

How is it that my last week of summer is already over!? I don’t want to go back to work 😦 Can’t I just be a stay at home mommy to our puppy? Please???

I guess some good things happened this week.

photo 31. Nights at the Ranch.

photo-292. making tomato sauce from scratch in the crock pot. (Hopefully it turns out ok, I have never made it like this before.)

photo 23. High Tea with my sister.

photo 14. Beautiful weddings.

photo 15. Mini donkeys.

Happy Friday!

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I Changed My Outfit 4 Times Today.

Not writing yesterday was nice, but today I woke up and went through my day with almost a sense of loss. I feel kind of like my best friend who I told everything to just moved away. It was weird. “Go big or go home” that was the joke in high school and in college and I feel like I am not going big anymore so I might as well go home. I need to find a balance that my life is happy with.

Any suggestions on how to figure out a balance?

Anyways, on to happy news, I seriously changed my clothes 4 times today. Not because I didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I was just doing different things. Like this morning I got up and got dressed, then at 1pm, I took my sister to “high tea” which was super cute BTW, but I had to change for that. When I got home, I wanted PJs (of course) and then we had to go grocery shopping which meant putting on the closest thing to me that was acceptable to wear in public.

Since we were going to tea, I decided to wear a pretty dress, because high tea totally screams WEARADRESSYOUKNOWYOUWANTTO. So I did.




IMG_6058I was actually really excited to wear this dress again. I haven’t worn it in forever!

Have you ever gone to High Tea? Did you dress up for it?

Happy Thursday!

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Turning Off My Computer.

Last week we spent a few days at my cabin in Pinecrest. It is amazing there. My cabin is right on the lake so you don’t have to carry the kayaks very far. Further than I would like but better than anyone else has it. It’s pretty sweet. There is no WiFi and no cell phone service and because my family is super cheap, we decided to make it so that you can call the cabin, but if you are at the cabin and you need to make a phone call, you have to go walk down to the pay phone that is on the beach. You can’t even walk down to store and buy a phone card because they all got recalled.

Needless to say, there is no modern technology. It is fabulous. You can hike around the lake and be outside and read books and go on the water. Basically, be outside all day and not remember what a computer or a cell phone looks like.

Also, Ellie was the most tired that she has ever been in her entire life. It was great. Here are a few photos of our trip.

photo 4I love this place.

photo 3

photo 1Trying to teach ellie that labs are supposed to like the water.

photo 2Almost.



IMG_5889Mia (my uncle’s dog), loves the water….and big sticks.

IMG_5811The doggies love to hike around the lake.


IMG_5783My dad and I don’t know how to take nice photos.

IMG_5778Apparently, neither does Cody…

IMG_5730Ellie bellie loved our “hike”

photo-28Long exposure shots from our deck.

IMG_5929Long exposures on the beach… yes I do know that it is backwards.

photo 4And S’mores. Real ones too. Roasted on a campfire. The trick is to make them all gooey inside and out and then to set them on fire! MMMM!!!

I am so thankful to have this cabin in my family. There is so much history there and you really are able to just be with each other and with family without the distraction of electronics. It was really nice to not have the option of of computers and cell phones and everything else.

So that brings me to my next point.

I first started this blog when I was unemployed and needed something to keep me going. Something to tell me what day of the week it was, to make sure that I got dressed at least once a week, to reflect on the good things that were still happening in my life, etc. I needed this blog to keep me sane and it worked. It was everything that I needed it to be. It was my job, it was fun, it was creative, and it made me do somewhat creative things so I actually had content to write about.

Now that I am working again, those things don’t necessarily apply to me anymore. I love this little space that I have here and I love that I have connected with people without even meaning to. But where as before, I needed to write 5 days a week to keep me on track, I don’t necessarily need that anymore. There are days that I don’t get around to writing things until midnight and it is more stressful than fun. I also feel that I don’t have 5 days a week worth of content to write about every week.  I also want to be able to bring home that feeling that I had at the cabin, where I could just read until I fall asleep and not NEED to turn on my computer to write something just to write something.

I want this to be fun and since I started, I have not skipped a day of weekday content ever. I am giving myself permission to not write posts every day. Until now, there wasn’t an option to not write. At first I needed that but now not so much. I won’t not write at all but there might be weeks where I only post once, but then there might be weeks that I thought my life was really interesting and I write all 5 days. I hope this helps with my content and also makes it feel less like a job and more like a fun and stress relieving thing to do again.

I hope that you will all stay with me as I figure this all out. But I do hope that you will appreciate that (hopefully) better content that I put out there now that I have given myself permission to not post every day. I hope you all understand. And I am really looking forward to having days that I can just put my computer away and not have to feel tied down to technology.

Happy Tuesday!

Is Summer Really Almost Over??

How can today be my last monday off before I go back to work?? I am just not ready to go back to work!

Well at least I only have to go back for a week and then I am off to New York City for a week!
newyorkcity2UM…YES PLEASE!
(disclaimer: photo may or may not actually be new york city…)

Cody leaves next Monday for an AAJA (Asian American Journalist Association) Conference in NYC and I will meet him out there next Saturday! I am so excited to go back.

Any suggestions on where to go?

Happy Monday!

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