High 5 For Friday!

This is going to be short and happy. My BFFFFFFFF is in town this weekend and hopefully I will be making her take large items from our garage with her when she drives back home. Also, big things are happening over here in our household so it is getting busy and totally messy. But lets get real, my house is always a mess. SORRY PAUL. Notice I don’t apologize to Cody.

1. My new phone came! I have the best boyfriend ever.
photo 4

2. Delicious apple pie. We went up to the Colfax area for some not really thrift shop shopping and we found an incredible place for lunch and pie. photo 1

3. My Stitch Fix came! fix

4. My new iPhone case came too! photo 3

5. We busted out the Nintendo 64 for the first time in YEARS. I totally got 1st place! Winner winner chicken dinner! 🙂
photo 2

What were some awesome things that happened in your week?

Happy Friday!

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