Oh Hey There Stitch Fix.

In case you didn’t get enough of my Stitch Fixes, here is another one for you to see.

I am totally one of those people who, as soon as I get my email saying that my box has shipped, I go online to see what they are sending me. The lame part about this is, they don’t include photos of what they are sending you and you have to go and google the name of what they sent…. It is not as easy as it sounds either. I can normally only find 2-3 items in my box because either a) no one ever puts the names of their items in their blogs (I am no exception) or b) Stitch fix likes to make it difficult by not giving you the actual brand of what you are getting, just the name of that piece of clothing.

So I don’t really get to spoil anything, because I most of the time can’t see what I am getting!

So for all of you that like to peek like me, I am including the FULL name of what they sent me.

(Every time I say “you’re welcome” now, in my head it is in Sadie’s voice.)

IMG_5553Under Skies – Serene Button Up Long Cardigan
This sweater. I love the color and it is perfect for work, especially when it is not cold outside. This I kept. I have actually worn it at least 3 out of the 5 days that I have owned it. I am loving it.

IMG_5551Just Black – Amrita Ankle Length Jean
I am not sure how these are considered ankle length jeans, but I am totally into colored denim right now and they are sooooo stretch which makes them totally comfortable. These were kept.


IMG_5564Sugarlips – Harper 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
Seriously, who doesn’t love animal print!? And this is totally subtle too because it is on the inside of the jacket. The rest of it looks fabulous and clean and great for work or any other day of the week. I kept this too.

IMG_5555Very J – Keane Dot Print Colorblock Tank
I wanted to like this. I love the color, and you really can’t go wrong with polka dots these days, but it just didn’t work with my body type and made me feel bigger than I actually am, and nobody ever really wants that…This went back.

IMG_5566Angie – Amanda Chevron Print Dress
Too long and too loose in the bust. I felt very old lady in this dress which is unfortunate because it is the “Amanda” dress! If this dress was shorter I think it would be a whole lot cuter, but its not so I digress. This went back as well.

So that was Stitch Fix #5. I was thrilled that everything was very well priced! I am hoping that in my next box, they send me stuff that is a little more out of my regular comfort zone.

Have you received anything that was out of your normal every day comfort zone from Stitch Fix? What was it and did you keep it? I am super curious about what other people get!

Happy Monday!

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