I Exercise Sometimes.

I don’t run. I hate it. Unless I am chasing a soccer ball and/or someone is chasing me there is no running in my life. I only do 5Ks if I can walk them and they are for charity, like Diabetes or Alzheimer’s or if it is the Bay to Breakers and that is really like a big party, and you will occasionally see me run during that but only if there is a completely naked dude standing too close to me and I need to run away. Oh San Francisco, I don’t always love your nakedness….

The other way to get me to walk? Throw color in the air/on me while I prance/frolic through it all. And that is what I did this past weekend. The Color Run.  I did it last year and it was FABULOUS. Seriously, the best $40 that didn’t go to charity ever. This year wasn’t as good as last year but I still was drenched in color by the end and had my picture taken with plenty of cops and drunk kids.


971405_10151787306091068_211260346_nBefore the color, when we still had clean clothes.


541713_10201238913751164_510446993_nCops in tutus. I like it.


IMG_0036Not so clean afterwards. I definitely stripped in the parking garage and changed clothes before I got into the car. I had to take the longest shower ever to get all the color off.

Have you ever done the Color Run? Better question, do you like running?

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “I Exercise Sometimes.

  1. Wait a minute, what do you mean non charity event? When they were here in KC they partnered up with the Ronald McDonald house. I hope they received some of the profit. Any who I do agree, The Color Run was a blast. It took me 6 washes to remove the color from my hair, as well as I needed a new loofah after scrubbing my skin raw! Ouch but I will do it all over again in a heart beat! 🙂 glad you had a blast and I agree with you, cops in tutus, me gusta :)!

    • The color run is a for profit event. They only donate a small percentage to the charities that they team up with. Like for the Sacramento run, they teamed up with girls on the run and the race generated $500,000 an they donated $14,000 to charity according to the Sacramento bee.

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