Birchbox Vs. Ipsy.

I don’t really do these reviews in a timely manor, apparently. Sorry. Also, I have been pretty busy doing nothing (not really but it feels that way) this month, so I haven’t had the chance to really try out the products that I received, so this is going to be more of a look what I got post than a review of the products.



IMG_0082ModelCo – Party Proof Lipstick:
Birchbox made a HUGE fuss about this stuff being smudge proof and long lasting and saying it doesn’t come off on anything….Well that was pretty much the furthest thing from the truth possible. I think it wears off faster than any other lip products I own and it comes off on everything! They do come in pretty colors though.

IMG_0080Color Club – Wanderlust Collection:
Ok, I love getting nail polish in my box, but I really don’t like Color Club. It is terrible quality. I miss the days when they sent Essie and Zoya nail polish.

IMG_0078Caudalie – Devine Legs:
Say hello, again, to foil packets. I really thought they were done with these…Oh well. I haven’t tried this out yet. I always forget after I shave my legs and then when I remember, I am already stubbly again.

IMG_0076Dr. Jart+ – Ceramidin Cream:
I don’t really know what this is or what this does…. Any ideas?

IMG_0073Birchbox – Bobby Pins:
These are cute. I haven’t had anywhere to where them yet though.



IMG_0071Pop – Pouty Pop Crayon:
This was a great size and really easy to go on. Just make sure your lips are soft and smooth when you wear it, it shows all your imperfections.

IMG_0064Sexy Hair – Soy Renewal Beach Spray:
I am really excited to try this out. It is a really good sample size too.

IMG_0069Nailtini – Nail Polish:
This looks really red in the photo but it is an orange-y/coral-y/red color. Great for summer! I totally love this brand too and they send full sized polishes!


IMG_0068BH Cosmetics – California Eyeshadow Collection:
Because, who doesn’t need more eyeshadow? I am a little hesitant about the colors BUT I am excited to give them a chance and play with them.

IMG_0061Coola – Tinted Moisturizer Mineral Sunscreen:
I haven’t tried this yet. I have tried their cucumber face lotion and I wasn’t a fan because of the smell. I haven’t tried this one yet so we will have to see.

IMG_0060I got a little extra this month for referring fabulous ladies! Its a bracelet from Baublebar.

So that is what I got in July’s subscriptions. I don’t think I could really choose which box I would have rather had this month, mostly because neither one really wowed me.

Which one would you choose? Do you get BB or Ipsy? What did you get in your bag/box?

Happy Wednesday!

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