I Changed My Outfit 4 Times Today.

Not writing yesterday was nice, but today I woke up and went through my day with almost a sense of loss. I feel kind of like my best friend who I told everything to just moved away. It was weird. “Go big or go home” that was the joke in high school and in college and I feel like I am not going big anymore so I might as well go home. I need to find a balance that my life is happy with.

Any suggestions on how to figure out a balance?

Anyways, on to happy news, I seriously changed my clothes 4 times today. Not because I didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I was just doing different things. Like this morning I got up and got dressed, then at 1pm, I took my sister to “high tea” which was super cute BTW, but I had to change for that. When I got home, I wanted PJs (of course) and then we had to go grocery shopping which meant putting on the closest thing to me that was acceptable to wear in public.

Since we were going to tea, I decided to wear a pretty dress, because high tea totally screams WEARADRESSYOUKNOWYOUWANTTO. So I did.




IMG_6058I was actually really excited to wear this dress again. I haven’t worn it in forever!

Have you ever gone to High Tea? Did you dress up for it?

Happy Thursday!

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