High 5 For Friday!

I am just going to get to it. Because I am writing this during the commercials of the new Michael J. Fox show. Needless to say, I am a little distracted.

photo-411. Dog parks and pretty sunsets.

photo-392. Cody (finally) mounted the TV AND he hid all the wires too! I am thrilled 🙂 It took him months years to hide the wires to the TV that is upstairs. Now we just need to decorate the top of it.

photo-403. Ellie baths.

photo 14. Our new holiday catalog came out!

photo 25. Our high school autism kids went on a field trip to the flower farm and I talked my way into going with them. It was awesome.

Happy Friday!

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I am LOVING this cooler weather! Yesterday I got to wear my boots! It was AMAZING! EEEK!

It is the little things that make me happy.

I am so ready for scarves and boots and jackets again.






Happy Thursday!

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Mini Get-Away.

This past weekend we went to go visit my Grandma in San Francisco. It was nice to be in the city and the weather was fabulous. It was actually almost too warm for SF weather.

It even rained. I pretty much just wanted to sit by the window all day and watch it come down. 
photo 1
I wish it was like this all the time.

No, but really though. I love the rain.

We did end up going out and hanging out in the city a little bit and did some shopping. Same old same old. I guess it isn’t that exciting when I used to live there.

It was fun to walk around and use an umbrella and just be in the rain though 🙂photo 2So that was our weekend.

I am definitely ready for this cooler weather to become more permanent.

Happy Tuesday!




Slowly Coming Together.

A while back, Cody and I discovered a little shop that sold things that had already been DIYed for you. It was great, WAY cheaper than buying things brand new, but I didn’t have to do the DIY project. I am not gonna lie. I do love me a good DIY every now and then, but this way it turns out so much better than I ever could have done by myself.

We picked up this couch table while we were there. photo 2It has been a great shelf to put all of our junk on and unwanted mail that we have been too lazy to go through and throw away. If only you could see me roll my eyes right now.

Well, I finally got some motivation to do something about it and went to home goods.

We picked up a lamp and a picture frame to go on top of here. (PS. that lamp was only $30! UMMM yes please!) I am totally excited about how it is turning out. photo 1It is by no means anywhere near being finished (let’s get real, there are still price tags on them) BUT, it is a good start. I just need to figure out how to tie these colors into fall so that they start to go with all our Fall decor that I started putting out yesterday.
(It’s weird how you can’t really see the detailing and all the colors in the lamp and the frame.)

Happy Monday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Man! I was a terrible blogger this week! It was a busy week though.

Monday, I cleaned/organized the office.It feels so good in there now! Now, if only the rest of the house felt that way. Tuesday, we went cake tasting 🙂 Wednesday, I had a jewelry show and then went over to my Momma’s house to see her Stitch Fix. Thursday, we went to our caterer and sampled our food and got a legit quote (versus an arbitrary one). And now it is Friday, and after work we are headed to San Francisco to go stay with my G-Ma for the weekend!

So please excuse my absence. We were busy.

So I guess that was kind of my H54F right there. But here they are again, in H54F format, of course.

1. Cake Tasting. Duh. Too bad I am way too picky about wedding cake and didn’t really find a cake that liked in this first tasting. Darn, I guess we will just have to go again!

photo 3

2. Wedding food. I love when people give me food and I can sample everything.photo-38

3. Getting to go to work later and getting off earlier but still getting paid the same because of a training.

4. Learning how to get Ellie to cuddle again. Eat beef jerky and not give her any.photo 1

5. Blubbering over this video on my lunch at work.

Happy Friday!

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My house is a black hole for cell phone service. Seriously though. I can talk all I want on my drive home, but as soon as I hit the driveway, I’ve got nothing. So when people call me, I am normally rushing out the door so they don’t hang up on me or do the whole hello? hellooo? hellllo?? thing which bothers me like its nobody’s business.

This means that shoes aren’t really on my list of things to grab when I am already barefoot and most likely in comfy pants, so I normally walk around barefoot outside. This usually isn’t a problem…until last Thursday. I stepped on something and got a splinter/glass/thorn/something sharp in my foot.

It was way too small for tweezers and it was at too awkward of an angle for me to get with a needle. I sure wasn’t going to let cody come anywhere near my foot with a needle (nor do we have any needles) so the next obvious step was to call my dad and make him come over and get the splinter out.

He was thrilled….At least he said yes. Only he wasn’t going to rush on over to my house like I was hoping. I had to wait until it was convenient for him! WHAT? RUDE. 😉

walking was an issue so we decided to look online to see if there were any other home remedies we could try. There were many. It was entertaining.

Let me share (in no particular order):

1. Put a potato slice on it.

2. Put glue on it. Let it dry. Peel it off.

3. Boil bread in milk. Let cool. Put on splinter. Let Dry. Pulls right out.

4. Eggshells. Put the inner shell on the splinter and then wait for the splinter to stick to it….ummmm….

5. Tape.

6. Putting a banana peel on it overnight.

7. Soak it in vinegar. This is what I did. It made it way easier to get out. (I tried soaking it in water, no go) The only problem, My foot smelled for a while after I was done. But lucky for my dad, he didn’t have to drive the 2 exits on the freeway to get to us to save me from my splinter situation.

So yea, those were a few that we found, I told you they were entertaining! Do you have any tips to get splinters out?

Happy Monday!

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High 5 For Friday!

I don’t think I have ever been so thankful for Friday. No, but really though. Shouldn’t there be a vacation coming soon??

On a side note, I just watched the new Miley video…ummmm I get that she is trying to figure herself out right now or whatever but…. I thought it was going to be a music video, not porn.

It is so unfortunate because she has a really interesting voice and she could have done so much more with it. Lame.
(note to self: DON’T. READ. YOUTUBE. COMMENTS.)

Anyways, here are my 5 good things that happened this week. I still think that today being Friday should count as one.

photo-371. We registered. This is how we do it.

photo 12. pathetic looking puppies.

photo 23. Pretty skies.

photo 34. This baby came in.

photo 45. Cabi Parties with Peach Bellini’s in the perfect kind of glass.

Happy Friday!

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Dear Stitch Fix, You Were Doing So Well…

Man, I am totally complaining in these last two posts. So much for not airing my dirty underwear…ha ha..get it…not your dirty underwear! 😉

Anyways, I got my next Stitch Fix the other day and was pretty disappointed.

I was a little bummed when I looked at my receipt and and there was no little note from my stylist. I am all about the little/personal touches from business that really show they care about their customers.

but getting to it….I asked for things that I could wear to wedding activities because I just got engaged. This is what I got.

photo 241Hawthorn: Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse.

photo 1Under Skies: Alvaro Bead Embellished Sleeveless Top
This shirt was super cute. Unfortunately the bottom of it was cut crooked…I don’t know if it was supposed to be that way or not (I really hope not), but that meant it was a no go.

photo 2

photo 4Collective Concepts: Riva Pleat Detail Abstract Print Blouse
This shirt was too big and too short.
Also, it is that same boxy cut that does nothing for me (I have told them this multiple times).

I also got those pink pants:
Kensie Jeans: Winnie Ankle Length Skinny Jean
I love my other Kensie jeans I got from Stitch Fix a while back and these were awesome too. However, they were $88 and I just can’t justify that kind of money for pink pants right now. (Also, they were like a velvety material and I don’t know how well that will hold up in the wash.)

photo 3And then there was this skirt….I didn’t even want to try it on it was so awful. But I was a good sport and I did. I wish I hadn’t. It reminds me of spandex bicycle shorts, but as a skirt instead. I have no idea how you even wear it…

photo 4Oye. So much awfulness. I think this one skirt just killed everything else. The other things may not have been fabulous but, if I hadn’t gotten this skirt, I don’t think I would have been so mad.

Lily: Kye Jersey Printed Swing Skirt

So yea…not so awesome. And really expensive…I am not sure how these prices fit in with “the cheaper the better.”
So I wrote them and had some not so awesome words for them. I swear, if the skirt wasn’t in there, they probably wouldn’t have heard from me. I could have dealt, but that wasn’t the case.

I got a really nice response from them and because the one thing I would have bought (the white lopsided tank) was defective, they ended up having this skirt in my size that I loved when they sent it (but it was too small). So they said they would send me that and put my styling fee towards that. Super awesome!

The only other thing that was wonky, was that they wouldn’t let me schedule another fix until October. So that was weird.

So anyways, you win some, you loose some. It doesn’t make love them any less.

Have you had any blech Stitch fixes?

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A Little Off

I feel like a total mess. My house is a mess, my skin hates me, the mosquitos love me, my body is totally annoyed with me, I am not sleeping well…should I go on? I feel like there is too much complaining in that one sentence already. 

I don’t know what it is. I feel like I haven’t gotten into a groove of the whole working thing since we got back from NYC. I just haven’t been doing much of anything. I go to work and I come home and sit on the couch and do nothing. It is awful. And really there is no reason for it. Yea I am tired after work but seriously? That really can’t be my excuse every day. People work longer days than I do and have kids and they get more stuff done than I do. 

Maybe it is the fact that I came home from book club needing to go to bed and was welcomed by this mess:
photo-36(I don’t know why my sheets look dirty, I swear they are clean!)

Or maybe its the fact that I finally had my first encounter with a person who doesn’t believe that Autism is real and that it is just bad parenting (I provide speech therapy for severely to profoundly disabled kids with multiple disabilities and/or autism).

Maybe the politics that come with my job are starting to wear on me. 

What ever it is that is preventing me to suck it up and get with it, is really kicking my butt. 

I guess I needed to just get that off my chest. I was going to try and turn this around and be all positive at the end and give some amazing I am going to do all this and that and this to turn everything around, but I am not. Normal people feel this way sometimes. I will get over it…hopefully sooner rather than later, but for now this is how I feel.

Deal with it.


High 5 For Friday!

I love four day weeks. I am exhausted though. My kids gave me a run for my money my first week back at work. Here are 5 awesome things that happened this week.

photo 11. I broke down and bought one of these babies. I can’t wait for it to get here!
photo 12. Cody made dinner!

photo 23. Twice!

photo 24. Fun Mail.

photo 35. Super monster harvest.

Happy Friday!

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