Dear Stitch Fix, You Were Doing So Well…

Man, I am totally complaining in these last two posts. So much for not airing my dirty underwear…ha ha..get it…not your dirty underwear! šŸ˜‰

Anyways, I got my next Stitch Fix the other day and was pretty disappointed.

I was a little bummed when I looked at my receipt and and there was no little note from my stylist. I am all about the little/personal touches from business that really show they care about their customers.

but getting to it….I asked for things that I could wear to wedding activities because I just got engaged. This is what I got.

photo 241Hawthorn: Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse.

photo 1Under Skies: Alvaro Bead Embellished Sleeveless Top
This shirt was super cute. Unfortunately the bottom of it was cut crooked…I don’t know if it was supposed to be that way or not (I really hope not), but that meant it was a no go.

photo 2

photo 4Collective Concepts: Riva Pleat Detail Abstract Print Blouse
This shirt was too big and too short.
Also, it is that same boxy cut that does nothing for me (I have told them this multiple times).

I also got those pink pants:
Kensie Jeans: Winnie Ankle Length Skinny Jean
I love my other Kensie jeans I got from Stitch Fix a while back and these were awesome too. However, they were $88 and I just can’t justify that kind of money for pink pants right now. (Also, they were like a velvety material and I don’t know how well that will hold up in the wash.)

photo 3And then there was this skirt….I didn’t even want to try it on it was so awful. But I was a good sport and I did. I wish I hadn’t. It reminds me of spandex bicycle shorts, but as a skirt instead. I have no idea how you even wear it…

photo 4Oye. So much awfulness. I think this one skirt just killed everything else. The other things may not have been fabulous but, if I hadn’t gotten this skirt, I don’t think I would have been so mad.

Lily: Kye Jersey Printed Swing Skirt

So yea…not so awesome. And really expensive…I am not sure how these prices fit in with “the cheaper the better.”
So I wrote them and had some not so awesome words for them. I swear, if the skirt wasn’t in there, they probably wouldn’t have heard from me. I could have dealt, but that wasn’t the case.

I got a really nice response from them and because the one thing I would have bought (the white lopsided tank) was defective, they ended up having this skirt in my size that I loved when they sent it (but it was too small). So they said they would send me that and put my styling fee towards that. Super awesome!

The only other thing that was wonky, was that they wouldn’t let me schedule another fix until October. So that was weird.

So anyways, you win some, you loose some. It doesn’t make love them any less.

Have you had any blech Stitch fixes?

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3 thoughts on “Dear Stitch Fix, You Were Doing So Well…

  1. I just got the same Collective Concepts blouse in my first Fix! My stylist noted that it was her very favorite item in the box, although it was my least favorite. I also thought it was large and boxy and not flattering at all, especially for my back and that weird slit. And mine was $35, so I’m wondering if they’ve clearanced it or something – I saw that they were charging you $48!

    • That is so weird! In my last fix, they said one price and then when I went to check out things were cheaper. I was confused but I definitely wasn’t complaining lol

  2. I got my first fix this week. Items seemed overpriced but I got some great jeans. I did however get a dress I fell in love with. It was a great maxi dress and I loved it till I noticed two things. One a hole was starting on the neckline where the stitching is (since cotton runs that’s a deal breaker) and the seams where coming apart all over the inside. The second problem..they wanted $118!!! It’s a cotton dress!! Then when I sent an email about the defects the offered me to keep it at 15% off ($100) . It’s low quality junk, or they would send me another at full price. Ok but don’t offend me that I would pay $100 for a second quality dress!

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