My house is a black hole for cell phone service. Seriously though. I can talk all I want on my drive home, but as soon as I hit the driveway, I’ve got nothing. So when people call me, I am normally rushing out the door so they don’t hang up on me or do the whole hello? hellooo? hellllo?? thing which bothers me like its nobody’s business.

This means that shoes aren’t really on my list of things to grab when I am already barefoot and most likely in comfy pants, so I normally walk around barefoot outside. This usually isn’t a problem…until last Thursday. I stepped on something and got a splinter/glass/thorn/something sharp in my foot.

It was way too small for tweezers and it was at too awkward of an angle for me to get with a needle. I sure wasn’t going to let cody come anywhere near my foot with a needle (nor do we have any needles) so the next obvious step was to call my dad and make him come over and get the splinter out.

He was thrilled….At least he said yes. Only he wasn’t going to rush on over to my house like I was hoping. I had to wait until it was convenient for him! WHAT? RUDE. 😉

walking was an issue so we decided to look online to see if there were any other home remedies we could try. There were many. It was entertaining.

Let me share (in no particular order):

1. Put a potato slice on it.

2. Put glue on it. Let it dry. Peel it off.

3. Boil bread in milk. Let cool. Put on splinter. Let Dry. Pulls right out.

4. Eggshells. Put the inner shell on the splinter and then wait for the splinter to stick to it….ummmm….

5. Tape.

6. Putting a banana peel on it overnight.

7. Soak it in vinegar. This is what I did. It made it way easier to get out. (I tried soaking it in water, no go) The only problem, My foot smelled for a while after I was done. But lucky for my dad, he didn’t have to drive the 2 exits on the freeway to get to us to save me from my splinter situation.

So yea, those were a few that we found, I told you they were entertaining! Do you have any tips to get splinters out?

Happy Monday!

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