High 5 For Friday!

Man! I was a terrible blogger this week! It was a busy week though.

Monday, I cleaned/organized the office.It feels so good in there now! Now, if only the rest of the house felt that way. Tuesday, we went cake tasting 🙂 Wednesday, I had a jewelry show and then went over to my Momma’s house to see her Stitch Fix. Thursday, we went to our caterer and sampled our food and got a legit quote (versus an arbitrary one). And now it is Friday, and after work we are headed to San Francisco to go stay with my G-Ma for the weekend!

So please excuse my absence. We were busy.

So I guess that was kind of my H54F right there. But here they are again, in H54F format, of course.

1. Cake Tasting. Duh. Too bad I am way too picky about wedding cake and didn’t really find a cake that liked in this first tasting. Darn, I guess we will just have to go again!

photo 3

2. Wedding food. I love when people give me food and I can sample everything.photo-38

3. Getting to go to work later and getting off earlier but still getting paid the same because of a training.

4. Learning how to get Ellie to cuddle again. Eat beef jerky and not give her any.photo 1

5. Blubbering over this video on my lunch at work.

Happy Friday!

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