Slowly Coming Together.

A while back, Cody and I discovered a little shop that sold things that had already been DIYed for you. It was great, WAY cheaper than buying things brand new, but I didn’t have to do the DIY project. I am not gonna lie. I do love me a good DIY every now and then, but this way it turns out so much better than I ever could have done by myself.

We picked up this couch table while we were there. photo 2It has been a great shelf to put all of our junk on and unwanted mail that we have been too lazy to go through and throw away. If only you could see me roll my eyes right now.

Well, I finally got some motivation to do something about it and went to home goods.

We picked up a lamp and a picture frame to go on top of here. (PS. that lamp was only $30! UMMM yes please!) I am totally excited about how it is turning out. photo 1It is by no means anywhere near being finished (let’s get real, there are still price tags on them) BUT, it is a good start. I just need to figure out how to tie these colors into fall so that they start to go with all our Fall decor that I started putting out yesterday.
(It’s weird how you can’t really see the detailing and all the colors in the lamp and the frame.)

Happy Monday!

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