Mini Get-Away.

This past weekend we went to go visit my Grandma in San Francisco. It was nice to be in the city and the weather was fabulous. It was actually almost too warm for SF weather.

It even rained. I pretty much just wanted to sit by the window all day and watch it come down. 
photo 1
I wish it was like this all the time.

No, but really though. I love the rain.

We did end up going out and hanging out in the city a little bit and did some shopping. Same old same old. I guess it isn’t that exciting when I used to live there.

It was fun to walk around and use an umbrella and just be in the rain though 🙂photo 2So that was our weekend.

I am definitely ready for this cooler weather to become more permanent.

Happy Tuesday!





One thought on “Mini Get-Away.

  1. Cute outfit. If you love the rain you should come here to visit, it rain 8 months out of the year and I hate it!!! It does keep the air fresh and the grass green though.


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