Wedding Update.

Today, I wrote the check to our wedding photographer. It was really exciting. Don’t judge. It’s the little things. 

It still doesn’t feel totally real yet though. We have so much stuff done too! When does it start to feel real??!! Maybe when we have something tangible it will feel real. That whole check thing made it a little more real though. 

We got engaged on August 17 and since then this is what we have done:







Favors (We know what we are using but we haven’t bought them yet)

Initial guest list is done

We know what Save the Dates and Invitations we are getting

I have asked all my bridesmaids to be in it. Cody has not finished this task yet. 

So yea. I feel like we have a lot done so far. I am ready to do more! I love planning, I am just ready for it to feel really real! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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PS. Picking a wedding cake is hard! And so is picking a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. 




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