Pattern Love.

I have been trying to venture our of my comfort zone a little bit and mix patterns more. At first it happened accidentally with this outfit and ever since I have been liking it more and more.

I was browsing pinterest (like usual) and found this Pin. 51e08480176be194ed59fc6dc46d9ff5

I loved it. I can’t wear leggings to work though (lame) but luckily I have some black pants that I love. I kinda forgot exactly what this looked like the morning I was getting dressed so it is not exactly the same (but who wants that). Mine is a little more summer-y than this one but there is still time to wear it again with fall in mind.




The best part are these shoes. Every time I saw them at Gap, I loved them. I just couldn’t justify the $50 they were asking for them. Well, a few weeks ago, I walked into Gap and they were on clearance for $10! WHAAT! So exciting! I definitely snatched those up and the rest is history!

Happy Thursday!

Linking up with Lauren, Agi, Tara, and Rekita.


4 thoughts on “Pattern Love.

  1. I love your pictures and the great faces you make. It makes my day. Love that you don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s nice to see. Love your casual outfits. Thank you for linking up. See you next thursday.


  2. This is SO cute- pinterest realy does give a lot of amazing outfit inspirations. I love how her pattern mixing was subtle, and stripes and florals are one of my favorite combos. You look awesome 🙂

    PS- I found you through the Vodka Infused Lemonade linkup 🙂

    xo Marlen
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