I have been meaning to write a “good” (and I use the term good very loosely) blog post all week but it just hasn’t happened yet. Sunday night I was totally going to, and then I didn’t. Monday night, I ended up talking to my girlfriend for like 2 hours and then it was just time for bed. Last night was REALLy going to be the night. Cody was going to be gone until late and so I would have no distractions. It was going to be great. Well then I decided I needed to go get a mani/pedi the the BFF (because, who doesn’t need one of those) and then we went to dinner. Hence this not so awesome post I have going on for you all today. Maybe one day I will get it together. I normally wouldn’t have even written anything for today because I didn’t have the energy and needed to go to sleep, but I couldn’t let my first post of the week be “hey! look at my cute outfit!” I just couldn’t. I am not a fashion blogger. I just couldn’t.

Ugh. enough rambling. Sorry if you read this whole thing. I love you if you did. I don’t blame you if you didn’t.

PS. if you need a Wednesday pick me up, go here.

Happy Wednesday!

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