Fall Colors.

I went wedding dress shopping again last night. Every time I go looking for a dress it is just really disappointing. I have had more people be rude to me while shopping for dresses, than I think anyone has been in my entire life. AND I never find anything that I like. So needless to say, I did not have high hopes for this trip. And those feelings didn’t change when I got there either. BUT, they had ONE, count it, ONE, dress that was the silhouette that I am looking for and I kinda think this one could really be THE dress. I was so excited and happy about it. I called my mom and am making her come see it on Friday just to make sure she likes it too. And I really wanted her to be there too. I even called my step mom and asked her if she would like to see it before I made a final decision on it.

I was so excited. But it is hard to stay excited when people (not my mom) ask about the price and then start telling you that it is too much for a dress and that you need to keep looking. Let me put this out there. I AM PAYING FOR MY DRESS. Cody and I are paying for our wedding. Also, this dress I found is UNDER my budget. Every single store that I have gone to has told me that I need to up my budget because I am never going to get what I want with mine. Anyways, I am not so excited.

My point being, if you know someone who is getting married, if you are not paying for something, you have NO right to say anything about the price of something. It just makes the other person feel bummed out.

On a more fun note, I am loving fall and the fall colors!

IMG_6234 IMG_6235

I got this in my latest Stitch Fix and I love the color of this skirt but I have decided I like the way it looks backwards versus forwards (Shhhhhh! don’t tell). The front of it has this huge waist band thing that makes it look like a pregnancy skirt. So if you aren’t wearing it with a belt you have to wear it backwards. It was only $28 (which is super awesome for Stitch Fix prices) so I wasn’t too picky about not wearing it forwards. Have any of you gotten this skirt? How do you wear it? I am super curious to see how other people wear theirs!

Happy Thursday!

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