Stitch Fix

I don’t have a real outfit for you today. Just what I got in my latest Stitch fix. AND because I fail, and got this fix so long ago, I have no idea the names and or the prices of any of the items. Oops. Sorry.


I posted this outfit last week but this skirt and this top are both from my latest fix. (Obviously, I kept them both.)

photo-44I kept this dress too. It looks a little blah by itself, but with a cardigan and a belt or a denim jack and a statement necklace, this dress looks awesome!
webphoto 1This dress I sent back. I love love love maxi dresses normally, but this one was fitted and showed off way too many of my unwanted curves. Also, it stopped at a weird length. It cut off right at my ankles, maybe a tiny bit higher. It was weird.

webphoto 2This dress I went back and fourth on for a while. I ended up not getting it because Stitch fix had previously sent me this dress, which looks incredibly similar.

So thats what I got. (sorry for the crappy photo quality, I get lazy and don’t like trying on clothes a bunch of times….

Happy Thursday!

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3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix

  1. I just tried Stitchfix. I love the concept but the pieces were mostly out of my budget. Maybe I clicked something wrong on the settings or something. Do you find the items are budget friendly?

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