Stitch Fix Thursday.

My Stitch Fix arrived! Just in time too, because I did not have an outfit ready for you today. webIMG_6460Shirt: Daniel Rainn – Kieraly Heart Print Short Sleeve Blouse: Although this shirt isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I am not really a big fan of hearts. They kind of remind me of a 12 year old. I am also not loving the material of the shirt. What I did like, was that it didn’t make me look boxy, which was awesome, I just wish it came in a different print. Also, it was $68, which is a lot. This went back.

Skirt: Chris and Carol – Josse Foldover Waist Maxi Skirt: I love maxi skirts. So I was kind of excited to get this one in the mail. I even really like the color. This skirt is totally soft too, however, the cut of it is not right for me. It reminds me of a mermaid cut skirt. It is tight in the butt and then it flares out at the bottom. I am not too comfortable showing so many of my curves. 😦 this one had to go back. Also, it was $48 which for stitch fix pricing doesn’t seem so high but when I think about my favorite maxi skirt that is just as soft and fits me better and is the same type of material, I realize that I got it at target and it was no more than $20 (if that), so I just couldn’t.

webIMG_6471Skirt: 41Hawthorn – Milo Pleated Detail Skirt $48: What you can’t tell in this photo is how awesomely purple this skirt is. I absolutely LOVE the color! And I really like the skirt too. This is being kept.

webIMG_6483Dress: Moon Collection – Austin Floral Jacquard A-Line Dress $78: Now this dress I am really debating about and need your help on whether or not to keep it. So let me know what you think! I like this dress a lot more than I thought I would. It fits nicely and it will be great around the holidays. Also, I own nothing even remotely similar. I am a little concerned about the price though too. $78 for a dress is a little hard to swallow at the moment. I am not even sure why that is bothering me so much right now. I save all month for my stitch fix, so I don’t feel guilty about buying the things that I like. I don’t go shopping any other time (unless I need something specific). So, you tell me (please). Should I keep this dress??

photo-51Here is one of the style cards and I actually had almost everything they had suggested so I tried it out.

webIMG_6489I am not too sure….What do you think??

PS. This also happened:

webIMG_6509Scarf: 41Hawthorn – Janie Lightweight Floral Print Scarf $32: When they said they were sending me a scarf, I didn’t really know how to feel. On one hand, I really love scarves. Honestly, I have so many that I am running out of places to store them. Seriously, I am a scarf hoarder. But on the other hand, I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t getting another piece of clothing. When I saw this scarf I totally loved it. The colors are beautiful and I am on a total floral kick right now so I pretty much couldn’t not keep it. It is even warmer than it looks and feels so it will be great for winter! This I am definitely keeping.

webIMG_6530After all that energy spent trying on clothes, I went back to my comfy-ness and added some jumping for some extra exercise.

Happy Halloween!

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