Engagement Photo Outfits.

I have had a really difficult time finding something to wear for our engagement photos. Well time is up, our shoot is on Monday. I have what I have, and even though I am not 100% satisfied with the outfits I have chosen, they will do.

Thank you all for your suggestions on where to buy dresses. I ended up getting this one at modcloth.

I do have a question though. Grey or textured beige. Super important question over here. Which set of tights do you like better?



What do you think?? I don’t know which I like better.

And then cody entertained himself by playing with his flash.






My fiancé man is super nerdy but I totally love him.

Happy Thursday!

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3 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Outfits.

  1. Love this dress. I hope the pictures turned out well. It’s about the love you 2 share not the outfit, but i do like the outfit.



  2. Hey Amanda! Love your goofiness. I like to take pics for my blog in my “real pose” too. Fake smiling all the time gets tiring.

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