High 5 For Friday!

Well, it has been a weird week. Went to work Monday and most of my kids were sick, so there wasn’t much for me to do. Tuesday I called in sick. Wednesday, our kids go home early. And then I went to work on Thursday, ready for the day, and ended up going home at 10 am and am now on workers comp. Cool. Go me. So this week might be a little light on the high fiving.

photo 11. parking in an orchard at work.

photo 22. This necklace.

photo 33.Happiness

photo 44. Sporting a new fashion trend.

photo 55. This beautiful thing arrived.

Happy Friday!

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One thought on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. Sometimes it’s the little things so I think this is a great list! I have had one of my kiddos home sick for the past four days, too. It stinks! I hope all of yours are better soon. I love that planner and that necklace is gorgeous. I’m gonna pass on your fashion trend though, lol! Those things are awful, aren’t they?

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