Repurposing Pumpkins For Christmas.

Let’s get something straight. I am super cheap. This sometimes becomes a problem when it comes to decorating for the holidays, because I totally love doing that.

We normally don’t carve pumpkins for halloween, mostly because I normally get bored half way through and then they rot REALLY fast after. Also, this makes it so that I don’t have to buy more decorations for Fall/Thanksgiving. You just throw a hay bale from the feed store in there and voila!

Anyways, last year I felt so bad about throwing them out after Thanksgiving because they were still good. This year I had an idea!

I spray painted them christmas colors so we could keep them longer!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

I plan on buying some live garland and putting a big red bow on the hay bale to make it more christmassy.

But I love the way it turned out! The red spray paint we already had, we bought the .97 cent white primer paint from home depot along with the metallic-y one, and then the glitter spray paint came in a bonus pack thing.

It was totally inexpensive and fun. It took a little more time to do than I had planned (the metallic paint took forever to dry) but other than that, it was fun! AND my pumpkins lasted for 3 holidays!

Happy Wednesday!


Slowly Coming Together.

A while back, Cody and I discovered a little shop that sold things that had already been DIYed for you. It was great, WAY cheaper than buying things brand new, but I didn’t have to do the DIY project. I am not gonna lie. I do love me a good DIY every now and then, but this way it turns out so much better than I ever could have done by myself.

We picked up this couch table while we were there. photo 2It has been a great shelf to put all of our junk on and unwanted mail that we have been too lazy to go through and throw away. If only you could see me roll my eyes right now.

Well, I finally got some motivation to do something about it and went to home goods.

We picked up a lamp and a picture frame to go on top of here. (PS. that lamp was only $30! UMMM yes please!) I am totally excited about how it is turning out. photo 1It is by no means anywhere near being finished (let’s get real, there are still price tags on them) BUT, it is a good start. I just need to figure out how to tie these colors into fall so that they start to go with all our Fall decor that I started putting out yesterday.
(It’s weird how you can’t really see the detailing and all the colors in the lamp and the frame.)

Happy Monday!

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My house is a black hole for cell phone service. Seriously though. I can talk all I want on my drive home, but as soon as I hit the driveway, I’ve got nothing. So when people call me, I am normally rushing out the door so they don’t hang up on me or do the whole hello? hellooo? hellllo?? thing which bothers me like its nobody’s business.

This means that shoes aren’t really on my list of things to grab when I am already barefoot and most likely in comfy pants, so I normally walk around barefoot outside. This usually isn’t a problem…until last Thursday. I stepped on something and got a splinter/glass/thorn/something sharp in my foot.

It was way too small for tweezers and it was at too awkward of an angle for me to get with a needle. I sure wasn’t going to let cody come anywhere near my foot with a needle (nor do we have any needles) so the next obvious step was to call my dad and make him come over and get the splinter out.

He was thrilled….At least he said yes. Only he wasn’t going to rush on over to my house like I was hoping. I had to wait until it was convenient for him! WHAT? RUDE. 😉

walking was an issue so we decided to look online to see if there were any other home remedies we could try. There were many. It was entertaining.

Let me share (in no particular order):

1. Put a potato slice on it.

2. Put glue on it. Let it dry. Peel it off.

3. Boil bread in milk. Let cool. Put on splinter. Let Dry. Pulls right out.

4. Eggshells. Put the inner shell on the splinter and then wait for the splinter to stick to it….ummmm….

5. Tape.

6. Putting a banana peel on it overnight.

7. Soak it in vinegar. This is what I did. It made it way easier to get out. (I tried soaking it in water, no go) The only problem, My foot smelled for a while after I was done. But lucky for my dad, he didn’t have to drive the 2 exits on the freeway to get to us to save me from my splinter situation.

So yea, those were a few that we found, I told you they were entertaining! Do you have any tips to get splinters out?

Happy Monday!

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Living Room Updates.

Well, My thumb isn’t broken! We took x-rays today and they came back clean. But my finger totally hurts still. oye. At least I won’t have to wear a semi-permanent accessory for the next 2 months though.

I long time ago, I shared some photos of our living room and how I was trying to make it less bachelor pad and more homey.

Well to refresh your memory, here is what our living room used to look like:

It started like this:
And then I was really excited when we got it to look like this:

And now it looks like this:


We got our new couch and we totally love it! I really brightens up the room.


The lighting in this photos is pretty dark. Our house is much lighter than this.

PS. don’t pay any attention to that pillow that is out of place….

There is plenty of work left to do, but it is getting there. It feels so much nicer with it like this. Not so manly.

I just need to figure out what to put next to our wine cork wreath. And find a nice chair to go where that black mini table is with the plant on it.

Happy Tuesday!

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Quick Dry Nail Polish.

Over the past 2 years I have been getting a lot better at doing my own nails, it is not easy nor am I perfect at it, but I have gotten better. I am sure I am super late to the game with this trick BUT I found this pin and am now completely obsessed!


You just spray pam on your nails after you have painted them and they are instantly dry! I am seriously in love. I have tried the whole putting your hand in ice water and it doesn’t work for me. So I was thrilled when this trick totally worked. When I was 14 I used to babysit the cutest girl ever and her mom would do this all the time. So, I totally should have learned from her all those years ago!

So yea, totally late to this party but I had to share.

On a slightly related note, I feel like my hands get pruny extra fast. Like within 30 seconds fast. Is this weird? Shouldn’t it take longer? Also, why do your fingers get pruny?

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My Thumb Is Getting Greener.

You know when you hear a super old song on the radio that you grew up with and you still somehow remember all the words? Well that happened to me on my way home from work today. Any of you remember this song:

Ok there are like 3 lines in that song, so maybe that is why I could remember all the words….Also, look at those outfits! WHHHAAAATTT! BAhahah! Man, I totally loved this song back in the day.

Anyways, back to my getting greener thumb.

Our garden is growing!

webIMG_3572Look at my big ole tomato plant! Its funny because we planted both tomato plants at the same time and the cherry tomatoes are doing so much better than the normal tomatoes. We already have some cherry tomatoes growing! Also, That Zucchini plant is a monster! I am so excited!

We used to have a row of onions but they all decided to commit mass suicide on the same day for some reason…and so did half of our carrots, but some of them resisted the urge!

IMG_3565I think our chive plant needs a hair cut.

IMG_3562Strawberries! I am super excited! We even have some red ones already 🙂

IMG_3564These are melons (don’t ask me what kind). I am totally impressed that they are actually growing because we planted them as seeds. We will see how they do. If they do well enough, they may have to move containers.

IMG_3567Don’t judge this little mint plant. I have been using it every day to put in my lemon, cucumber, mint water so it is a little dinky right now. I think I need to switch it up and use some basil or some rosemary and let this plant grow some more.

IMG_3589This is our edible container garden that is doing SOWELL!!

It used to look like this:
IMAG0970I am so excited at how well it is doing! Especially because I didn’t know if it was going to get enough sun being by our door. It only gets like 3 hours of sun each day.

IMG_3590There are tomatoes and marigolds (which technically isn’t part of the edible-ness), thyme, and some purple and white little flowers that are tucked in there somewhere that I can’t remember the name of.

IMG_3588And then there is the lime tree. We had to cut all the branches off because everything was dead but this little stick bit. I think this makes my thumb less green…. BUT the lemon plant (which I don’t have a good photo of and it is dark outside so I can’t take one now) is doing totally awesome!

So there you have it. My gardening skills (or lack there of on some plants)!

Happy Wednesday!

PS. It is incredibly windy out right now! I am glad the tree fell on our cars last year so we don’t have to worry about it this year! (knock on wood!)

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That Time It Took Us Way Too Long To Make Our Deck Look Pretty.

We are definitely not experts in home DIY. We don’t know much, honestly. So when we decided to make over our backyard, I don’t know why we thought it was going to be a simple task. Seriously though, our bathroom door isn’t even finished/connected to the wall and we started that project like a year ago…

So here is the story of how our weekend deck project turned into a month long Home Depot extravaganza.

Here is what our deck looked like to begin with. The previous owners just painted it an ugly color.

We went to Home Depot when we first decided to start this project to see what we should be doing and what products we needed. They had a video with this stuff and it looked like such an easy way to remove the color. All you had to do was paint it on and then brush it off. Totally simple, right? SO WRONG. After spending a lot of energy on this, it didn’t do anything and we went back to HD.

And we picked up this. It did a little better than the first but it really didn’t do much of anything either.

Apparently, because of CA clean air laws, you can’t get a good stripper anymore….
(What’s up, what’s up.)

This was the result of the strippers. BOOO.

So it was back to HD to get the big guns. AKA a floor sander. 

Cody being all manly using heavy machinery. 

This totally worked. But it took forever.

We had to use smaller sanders to get in the smaller areas. 

IMG_2189Now that we FINALLY had the deck completely sanded, it was time to choose a color. We chose “S”. It is the one on the bottom left.

Annnnd then I had to sand off the paint samples…SO MUCH SANDING. 

We then had to prep the deck. Which meant spraying the whole thing down.

Prepping the deck was good anyways because it had rained and made the deck all moldy. Yuck. 

IMG_2290This was the one product that TOTALLY worked and we were thrilled. The Behr Premium All In One Wood Cleaner.

We had to wash the deck with it. Don’t worry, I was there working too.

IMAG1020But it made our deck look AMAZING. And it got rid of all the moldy grossness.

We had to let the deck dry overnight and then we could start staining. 

See, I told you I helped. And I looked damn pretty doin’ it too! HA! 

IMG_2297Pretty deck. 🙂

We are totally thrilled with how it turned out.
PS. It isn’t this orange in real life.


PhotoGrid_1365560956072From start to finish. Such a difference!

So that is one project down. About a million more to go before we are totally done.

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Oh Hey, Look What I Made.

I have been talking about one of my friend’s weddings that happened last Friday. I was involved in a lot of the planning and getting ready and there was a lot of DIY. It was a mostly DIY wedding. It was small and sweet at a restaurant near her house. I was lovely. And really warm.

We made all the decorations and I was really excited to make her a banner. My friend Marlee has a Cricut and so I summoned her over to my house to get crafty and use it to make the banner.

It was a small military wedding with the theme of red white and blue.

This was a super easy project too.

You are going to need:

Different colored card stock
Hole punch
Glue Stick
Cricut (optional)

photo 11. Cut out the shapes you want to put your letters on. I chose triangles, but I have seen people use rectangles, bunnies, other shapes, really whatever you want.

2. Cut out the lettering that you want to use with card stock.

3. I like to visualize the final product first so I laid it out the way I wanted it to be in the end and then I glued all the letters on.

photo 3Michaels failed on card stock colors so I had to get a few just pieces of paper that had nice designs on them.

4. To make them not so flimsy, I backed them with some of the heavier card stock.

photo 45. Put a piece of tape on the back side of your banner pieces where you plan on putting your hole punches to reinforce the whole.

6. Punch holes in your banner pieces at the top for the ribbon to be able to go through.

IMG_3209_1200px7. Put ribbon through the holes.

8. Hang.

9. Enjoy your handy work!

It was totally easy and I felt super accomplished after I was done.

Everyone loved the banner and it made the room look so much better.

That One Time When A Tree Fell On Our Cars…

I don’t know if I ever told you lovelies about the time when the tree in our front yard fell on both mine and Cody’s cars… Well long story shot…It looked like this:

523647_10100290739777068_1564056315_nYou can barely see our cars under there. It was an awesome night.

Anyways, well that tree is a flowering pear tree and apparently those trees are self pruning. (AKA branches/half of the tree like to fall off without notice) Awesome, right?

Well we had another one of these trees in our backyard and to keep it maintained (aka not have that one fall down either), it would be the same amount of money to have it pruned every 3 years as it would be to just cut the whole thing down. So being the “financially conscience” people we are, we decided to just cut it down and start new.

Now before any of this happened, we had taken out a lot of bushes and shrubs and everything else in our front and back yards so that we could start over and make everything look nice. That was back in June and since then, everything has gone to..well..lets just say pieces.

I am happy to announce that we have FINALLY started getting our acts together and started our first project and we have a plan for at least the backyard…This stuff is hard!

But for now, I leave you with this. But I am excited to share our adventures of “landscaping” and hopefully most stories will be successful…(even if my project yesterday was a bust).

So for all you handy DIY-ers out there, any tips? Preferably on how to get HGTV or the DIY network to come and redo our yard??



Remember when I said that we were hosting Thanksgiving at my house? Well it is almost there and we are pretty much ready. Minus knowing how to make a turkey and cleaning the house and figuring out how to fit 15 people in my “dining room” for a sit down dinner…..UMMMMM. TOTALLY READY.

Well our house has been a disaster lately because of all the crafts that have been going on over here. I am pretty sure our roommate has been purposely not been home because of the mess…oops. Sorry Paul. I swear it will be all clean soon!

But now, I can finally focus on the cleaning part of Thanksgiving. Awesome. Fun. Lame. BUT that is only because I am finally finished with all my crafty-ness.

Remember this photo?

Well my wine glasses don’t look like this anymore. They look like this!

YAAY! The easiest project ever! I guess it is from pinterest BUT I got it from my BFF so TECHNICALLY it is not a pinterest project!

Annnd we’re off (My grandma gets a martini glass instead of a wine glass)

First, you tape them. I think this was the hardest part. Like I said, easy peasy.

Then you spray them. Do you like cody’s Asian mobile. The blue subie with gold rims. So Asian.
(Cody is Japanese BTW.)

And then you spray them again. And then you let them dry. And then you’re done. Voila!

I would suggest washing them before using them. I hand washed mine. I don’t think I would trust throwing them in the dishwasher. Also, I didn’t take the stickers off the bottom before I painted. They were pretty stuck on and my nails weren’t long enough and blah blah blah… I figured out that taking stickers off when washing dishes is SOOOO easy. I just filled the sink up, threw in some soap, and let them sit for like a minute and they pretty much just fell off! What’s up, What’s up.

And you are all done. Didn’t I say it was easy.

Now everyone gets a fun glass on Turkey Day.

PS. I am cheap. I got all the glasses from the Dollar Store. Surprisingly enough, they are all made in the USA. I was impressed.