High 5 For Friday!

1. I got engaged.

2. I have had the whole bed to myself this week. It’s been nice, but I am ready to share again.


4.  I got to ask 2 of my friends to be bridesmaids and made one of them cry because of it 🙂
2 down, 2 to go.

5. My real ring came!

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

How is it that my last week of summer is already over!? I don’t want to go back to work 😦 Can’t I just be a stay at home mommy to our puppy? Please???

I guess some good things happened this week.

photo 31. Nights at the Ranch.

photo-292. making tomato sauce from scratch in the crock pot. (Hopefully it turns out ok, I have never made it like this before.)

photo 23. High Tea with my sister.

photo 14. Beautiful weddings.

photo 15. Mini donkeys.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

1. Sandals that I got at target on clearance without even knowing they were on clearance! Also, mani/pedis that last more than a week even while glamping. photo 1

2. Color runs. photo 2

3. Spending a few days at this place. Seriously, so thankful to have this.

photo 5

4. Home grown salad. Except the mozzarella, obviously. Too bad you can’t really grow that.  photo 3

5. S’mores. Need I say more?photo 4

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

This is going to be short and happy. My BFFFFFFFF is in town this weekend and hopefully I will be making her take large items from our garage with her when she drives back home. Also, big things are happening over here in our household so it is getting busy and totally messy. But lets get real, my house is always a mess. SORRY PAUL. Notice I don’t apologize to Cody.

1. My new phone came! I have the best boyfriend ever.
photo 4

2. Delicious apple pie. We went up to the Colfax area for some not really thrift shop shopping and we found an incredible place for lunch and pie. photo 1

3. My Stitch Fix came! fix

4. My new iPhone case came too! photo 3

5. We busted out the Nintendo 64 for the first time in YEARS. I totally got 1st place! Winner winner chicken dinner! 🙂
photo 2

What were some awesome things that happened in your week?

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

There were more than 5 awesome things that happened this week but here are some that I totally loved (and hopefully haven’t written about yet).

1005436_10100677139369188_1588495604_n1. New jewelry. Duh. Best thing ever.

IMG_20130720_1710152. Pit stops to Target on our way to Monterey and looking through the dollar-ish bins, found this fabulous $3 scarf! WHAAT!

IMG_20130725_2119173. Ellie got a new toy. This one lasted for almost an hour!

IMG_20130724_2056444. Going to the State Fair.

IMG_20130726_0010185. Converse was having a sale the other day and was able to order new Chucks for super cheap and they arrived yesterday! I think Cody will be happy that I can get rid of my old ones that used to be black and are now brown and holy….I have a hard time replacing shoes. Shoes are too expensive!

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday!! I am thinking that today is a “lets go ride some ponies day!”

Anyways, this week was crazy and busy and lazy and wonderful. Here are my 5 faves from the week!

1002106_10201445677128926_1170702395_n1. National Rally of course!!! So fabulous!

photo-272. Picking paint colors for our room….yes all those colors are different, no we don’t have enough choices. Yes, that yellow wall is super ugly.

photo-263. Our tomato plant became an actual monster, so Cody DIY’ed us a bigger trellis for it to climb on.

IMG_20130716_1600204. Quiznos with extra banana peppers! 🙂

IMG_20130718_2300355. The best news I got this week? MY NEW JEWELRY COMES IN ON TUESDAY!!!! (hopefully)

Happy Friday!

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5 Ways I’m Entertaining Myself While Amanda is Gone (Guest High 5 For Friday)

Guest post by Cody (the bf) while Amanda is out of town

Amanda is gone until this weekend, but the world still turns (just a little more boringly). Here are five things I’ve been occupying myself with while she’s out of town:

1. OK, this was before she left — harvesting the smallest carrots ever:

photo 1

What the heck, lazy vegetables?! Why don’t you grow to normal food sizes??

2. Of course I had to buy some beer to cheer myself up when Amanda left. This one seemed happy enough to do the trick:

photo 4

3. Speaking of puppies … Here’s one panting on the floor after a game of fetch:




4. Dude. Pretzels with cheese. Duh.

photo 3

It was a sad, dark day when Target stopped selling cheese to go along with their snack bar pretzels (which, on their own, are the same styrofoamy salt sticks you can get anywhere). This bad boy is from a German beer/sausage/hipster(ish) place in town. They have some vegetarian stuff on their menu that I can eat, but this is definitely the best thing I’ve had there.

5. Code:

codeI’m no pro web designer by any means, but for whatever reason messing with stuff like this super late at night while blasting music through a pair of headphones is super relaxing for me. I’m working on a portfolio website for a friend (I made this one for myself and this one for a different friend), but it’s only fair to point out I was mainly just editing someone else’s code… I didn’t write all this from scratch like I did with my much-simpler site.

And now I’ve given Amanda one more thing to make fun of me for. Haha.

Happy Friday! How do you deal with an empty (well, more empty – our roommate is still here) house? 

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High 5 For Friday!

It doesn’t feel like Friday today because I only worked until Wednesday this week. I am all sorts of off of what day it is. Anyways, here is the shortest H54F ever because I just got home from fireworks and it is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY past my bed time.

IMAG13021. 4th of July, DUH. Nothing says america like drinking beer and blowing stuff up.

IMG_20130703_2034102. For the first time in my life, my makeup actually has a real home. Normally I just have my makeup bags and I have always been fine with that until I saw something on pinterest saying that they always felt like they were living out of a suitcase when all their makeup was just kept in a bag and I kinda had to agree. Nothing really had a real place. I was always digging and I never really knew what I had unless it was something that I used daily. So I went to IKEA and picked up their makeup organizer and am now a happy girl with my new makeup home.

IMAG12943. I feel like I don’t even need to explain this. Lets just say it is now in my bedroom and I am painting my room so that this works better. Seriously? I am so in love.

IMAG12964. Mani/Pedis with the BFF.

994222_10201007593488302_447526466_n5. Weddings with all of my friends. Too bad it was outside with no shade and 110 degrees outside 😦
Still fun though!

Happy Friday!

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The Most Needed High 5 For Friday.

Yesterday was a weird day. The speech therapist that I work with was rushed to the hospital yesterday during work. That man is amazing. He has so many difficulties in his life but he has done so much with it. More than I could ever imagine even doing with mine. He should be ok. I just feel terrible. He is living in a hotel right now because his home and his wife are multiple towns away and we were desperate for an SLP for the summer so he said he would come and help us out. So his wife is super far away and doesn’t have a car. Oye. It is just a mess. I feel awful. And sad. I want to go and make him a casserole or something so he has warm food. But most of all I don’t want him to feel like he is alone.

So this High 5 For Friday is needed. I need to remember the good things that happened this week. I have to. So let’s get to it.

IMG_20130625_1333011. My Mary kay VoxBox from Influenster came. I love free stuff.

IMG_20130622_1517432. Baseball games. The only time it is ever socially acceptable to pay more than $10 for a blue moon.

IMG_20130626_1414483. The best sandwich place in town got a makeover. They close at 2pm and I got there at 2:01 and the doors were locked. They took pity on me and let me in. THANK YOU!!!

IMG_20130627_2104504. Trying not to eat a whole cheesecake from Trader Joe’s in one sitting by myself.

IMG_20130621_2334585. Just because flowers. I love this man.

Those were the good things that happened. They were pretty good.

Happy Friday.

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High 5 For Friday!

I have survived my first week of summer school at work. Its funny how much joy those little stinkers…er…uhhh…I mean…kids, bring me. I can’t believe there are only 10 school days left! Summer school is so short! And I get done at 12:45. I have to admit that it is pretty awesome.

So onto my H54F.

It has been an amazing week (well actually month) for shopping.

IMG_20130620_2118481. One of my girlfriends sells Mary Kay and she was selling off a bunch of inventory at 50% off So I was able to stock up on things that I needed (and wanted) for SUPER CHEAP. Total score.

IMG_20130620_2113532. My Cabi lady was having that same 50% off sale yesterday so I was able to get some really cute stuff for a really good price. I am so excited!

IMG_20130618_0719413. I have actually been eating breakfast before work. Those aren’t just normal waffles, they are wheat free, yeast free, gluten free, preservative free, pretty much everything free waffles from Trader Joe’s #WhatTheHeckAreTheseMadeOf?

IMG_20130618_1907334. Sending out fun mail to my Premier Designs‘ hostesses. I wish I got mail that looked like this.

5. The fact that my Mani/Pedi still looks super good and I got it last Thursday! It was just a normal one too, not even a gel polish. Totally impressed.

So that was my week. What were your favorite things that happened??

Happy Friday!

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