High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday! I am excited that it is here. It came quite quickly since I only worked 2.5 days this week. Here are my 5 for the week.

1. My beautiful cousin got married this past week! It was wonderful to see a lot of my family. These aren’t all of my cousins but I am really happy that I got a photo of all of us who were there 🙂

2. Post wedding breakfast with the fam.

3. Cody and I took our engagement photos on Monday. I can’t wait to see them!

4. Freshly bathed puppies.

5. My new iPhone 5s.

6. Having Today off of work!

What are your favorite things that happened this week??


High 5 For Friday!

Well, it has been a weird week. Went to work Monday and most of my kids were sick, so there wasn’t much for me to do. Tuesday I called in sick. Wednesday, our kids go home early. And then I went to work on Thursday, ready for the day, and ended up going home at 10 am and am now on workers comp. Cool. Go me. So this week might be a little light on the high fiving.

photo 11. parking in an orchard at work.

photo 22. This necklace.

photo 33.Happiness

photo 44. Sporting a new fashion trend.

photo 55. This beautiful thing arrived.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday! It has been a messed up week at work with everything going on and the amount of actual speech things that I got done were minimal. It is totally throwing me off. Oh well. at least it is Friday and there are only 3 more weeks until we are off for thanksgiving!

Here are 5 pretty awesome things that happened this week.

photo 11. My sister went to her first Homecoming! She is getting so old!

photo 22. 4th annual girl dates to Apple Hill with the BFF.

photo 33. We had our Harvest Festival on wednesday at work and before that I went around asking for donations for our kids. Home Depot donated almost 50 pumpkins! How amazing is that!

photo 44. The leaves are turning colors. Pretty soon it will be even more beautiful!

photo 55. At our house, Halloween treats aren’t just for kids.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday! I am so ready for some extra sleep this weekend. I don’t know why this week has been so exhausting.

Here are 5 things that made me happy this week:

photo 11. Ski Swap last weekend. It is a little weird being back on my college campus but totally fun.

photo 22. Ice cream dates with my main man. We definitely had to run to target and get lactaid pills….super nerdy.

photo 33. I got really ambitious and got rid of some shoes. It was hard. Even though most of them I haven’t worn in over a year or they are super worn out (as in, have holes in them) It is so hard for me to get rid of things!

photo 44. My new sweater. Hey! I got rid of 6 pairs of shoes! (I was supposed to be shopping for dresses…oops).

photo 55. This sight may not be exciting to you but for me, this makes me so happy on the inside. Our old PECs wall was awful. The pictures didn’t make sense and most of the photos were totally blurry and you couldn’t even tell what they were, half of the pictures were of items we didn’t have anymore, and honestly, it was just a total mess. I just made icons that we use a lot and out them on the wall so I could grab and go when I needed. I am a total speech nerd sometimes….

So yaay, for Friday! I am off to the pumpkin patch with more kids today!

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High 5 For Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week went by so fast I can’t believe it!

Here are my top 5 for the week!

1. I bought my wedding dress! I can’t post a photo because Cody reads my blog.

2. My mom made homemade carrot cake! SO good.photo-45

3. Cody took all the old paint (that the previous owners left) to the dump finally! We have only owned the house for 2 years now….insert sarcasm….photo 1

4. Delicious fish tacos.photo 2

5. I made healthy breakfast muffins so I had ready made breakfast that I could take to work with me all week!photo 3

6. And a bonus Ellie picture. photo 4

What were your fave 5 things that happened this week?

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High 5 For Friday!

I am so thankful it is Friday. I am having a hard enough time making it though this week as it is AND I had to take Monday off because I was sick. I was getting better and then all of a sudden yesterday rolled around and the wind picked up… a lot. I don’t know how I made it through the day without a hair tie.

Even though it was a tough week there were some EXTREMELY exciting things that happened.

1380844_10100755905181868_350511502_n1. Holy moly!!! I had the highest grossing jewelry show in all of California during August!!!! Whaaaatttt!!!! Love that I got mentioned in the national newsletter 🙂 SERIOUSLY, so EXCITING!

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 9.08.27 PM2. I got to announce that I now have my own personal website for Premier Designs!
This is exciting too

1382939_10100754263416978_1265150441_n3. We went to country uncorked on tuesday night. It was an acoustic show with 4 country singers at the local winery. It was nice. Too bad it was so cold though, I hope next year they have it during August, when it is warm at night. The best part was that the winery was literally 15 minutes from our house!
PS. So many girls bought cowboy boots just for that night.

photo-434. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Need I say more?

photo-425. Pathetic looking puppy photos that make me go “awwwwwww” every time.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

I am just going to get to it. Because I am writing this during the commercials of the new Michael J. Fox show. Needless to say, I am a little distracted.

photo-411. Dog parks and pretty sunsets.

photo-392. Cody (finally) mounted the TV AND he hid all the wires too! I am thrilled 🙂 It took him months years to hide the wires to the TV that is upstairs. Now we just need to decorate the top of it.

photo-403. Ellie baths.

photo 14. Our new holiday catalog came out!

photo 25. Our high school autism kids went on a field trip to the flower farm and I talked my way into going with them. It was awesome.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

Man! I was a terrible blogger this week! It was a busy week though.

Monday, I cleaned/organized the office.It feels so good in there now! Now, if only the rest of the house felt that way. Tuesday, we went cake tasting 🙂 Wednesday, I had a jewelry show and then went over to my Momma’s house to see her Stitch Fix. Thursday, we went to our caterer and sampled our food and got a legit quote (versus an arbitrary one). And now it is Friday, and after work we are headed to San Francisco to go stay with my G-Ma for the weekend!

So please excuse my absence. We were busy.

So I guess that was kind of my H54F right there. But here they are again, in H54F format, of course.

1. Cake Tasting. Duh. Too bad I am way too picky about wedding cake and didn’t really find a cake that liked in this first tasting. Darn, I guess we will just have to go again!

photo 3

2. Wedding food. I love when people give me food and I can sample everything.photo-38

3. Getting to go to work later and getting off earlier but still getting paid the same because of a training.

4. Learning how to get Ellie to cuddle again. Eat beef jerky and not give her any.photo 1

5. Blubbering over this video on my lunch at work.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

I don’t think I have ever been so thankful for Friday. No, but really though. Shouldn’t there be a vacation coming soon??

On a side note, I just watched the new Miley video…ummmm I get that she is trying to figure herself out right now or whatever but…. I thought it was going to be a music video, not porn.

It is so unfortunate because she has a really interesting voice and she could have done so much more with it. Lame.
(note to self: DON’T. READ. YOUTUBE. COMMENTS.)

Anyways, here are my 5 good things that happened this week. I still think that today being Friday should count as one.

photo-371. We registered. This is how we do it.

photo 12. pathetic looking puppies.

photo 23. Pretty skies.

photo 34. This baby came in.

photo 45. Cabi Parties with Peach Bellini’s in the perfect kind of glass.

Happy Friday!

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High 5 For Friday!

I love four day weeks. I am exhausted though. My kids gave me a run for my money my first week back at work. Here are 5 awesome things that happened this week.

photo 11. I broke down and bought one of these babies. I can’t wait for it to get here!
photo 12. Cody made dinner!

photo 23. Twice!

photo 24. Fun Mail.

photo 35. Super monster harvest.

Happy Friday!

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