Slowly Coming Together.

A while back, Cody and I discovered a little shop that sold things that had already been DIYed for you. It was great, WAY cheaper than buying things brand new, but I didn’t have to do the DIY project. I am not gonna lie. I do love me a good DIY every now and then, but this way it turns out so much better than I ever could have done by myself.

We picked up this couch table while we were there. photo 2It has been a great shelf to put all of our junk on and unwanted mail that we have been too lazy to go through and throw away. If only you could see me roll my eyes right now.

Well, I finally got some motivation to do something about it and went to home goods.

We picked up a lamp and a picture frame to go on top of here. (PS. that lamp was only $30! UMMM yes please!) I am totally excited about how it is turning out. photo 1It is by no means anywhere near being finished (let’s get real, there are still price tags on them) BUT, it is a good start. I just need to figure out how to tie these colors into fall so that they start to go with all our Fall decor that I started putting out yesterday.
(It’s weird how you can’t really see the detailing and all the colors in the lamp and the frame.)

Happy Monday!

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Is Summer Really Almost Over??

How can today be my last monday off before I go back to work?? I am just not ready to go back to work!

Well at least I only have to go back for a week and then I am off to New York City for a week!
newyorkcity2UM…YES PLEASE!
(disclaimer: photo may or may not actually be new york city…)

Cody leaves next Monday for an AAJA (Asian American Journalist Association) Conference in NYC and I will meet him out there next Saturday! I am so excited to go back.

Any suggestions on where to go?

Happy Monday!

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Oh Hey There Stitch Fix.

In case you didn’t get enough of my Stitch Fixes, here is another one for you to see.

I am totally one of those people who, as soon as I get my email saying that my box has shipped, I go online to see what they are sending me. The lame part about this is, they don’t include photos of what they are sending you and you have to go and google the name of what they sent…. It is not as easy as it sounds either. I can normally only find 2-3 items in my box because either a) no one ever puts the names of their items in their blogs (I am no exception) or b) Stitch fix likes to make it difficult by not giving you the actual brand of what you are getting, just the name of that piece of clothing.

So I don’t really get to spoil anything, because I most of the time can’t see what I am getting!

So for all of you that like to peek like me, I am including the FULL name of what they sent me.

(Every time I say “you’re welcome” now, in my head it is in Sadie’s voice.)

IMG_5553Under Skies – Serene Button Up Long Cardigan
This sweater. I love the color and it is perfect for work, especially when it is not cold outside. This I kept. I have actually worn it at least 3 out of the 5 days that I have owned it. I am loving it.

IMG_5551Just Black – Amrita Ankle Length Jean
I am not sure how these are considered ankle length jeans, but I am totally into colored denim right now and they are sooooo stretch which makes them totally comfortable. These were kept.


IMG_5564Sugarlips – Harper 3/4 Sleeve Jacket
Seriously, who doesn’t love animal print!? And this is totally subtle too because it is on the inside of the jacket. The rest of it looks fabulous and clean and great for work or any other day of the week. I kept this too.

IMG_5555Very J – Keane Dot Print Colorblock Tank
I wanted to like this. I love the color, and you really can’t go wrong with polka dots these days, but it just didn’t work with my body type and made me feel bigger than I actually am, and nobody ever really wants that…This went back.

IMG_5566Angie – Amanda Chevron Print Dress
Too long and too loose in the bust. I felt very old lady in this dress which is unfortunate because it is the “Amanda” dress! If this dress was shorter I think it would be a whole lot cuter, but its not so I digress. This went back as well.

So that was Stitch Fix #5. I was thrilled that everything was very well priced! I am hoping that in my next box, they send me stuff that is a little more out of my regular comfort zone.

Have you received anything that was out of your normal every day comfort zone from Stitch Fix? What was it and did you keep it? I am super curious about what other people get!

Happy Monday!

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New Phone = No Photos

Last week, Cody decided that he wanted to drop my phone on the ground. No big deal. There were no cracks, and it still did all the normal things I could think of so everything was good. Well, the next time I went to use my speakerphone (which is really often, especially if I am driving) I realized that something was wrong. My speakerphone didn’t work! BOOO, Cody viciously throwing my phone on the ground (you see how that escalated?) pretty much killed all usage of my phone when in the car. Actually, all usage, since the ringer decided not to work well anymore either. Well, I called him in my angry rage of realizing that my phone didn’t work and blamed him for it. You know, because that seemed like the reasonable and grown up thing to do.

Basically I was mad and tired and being a brat. I didn’t really blame him, only in that moment I did, It could have easily have been me that dropped my phone that last time and it would have been me that completely killed my phone. But lets be real I wasn’t going to take the blame for that, and I hung up the phone.

When I got home, Cody says to me… “I may have just spent money on something” Oh jeeze. Cody is the king of emotional late night internet purchases. Some of them are awesome, like the awesome fan we now have in our room, and some of them are not so awesome, like the indoor TV antennas that don’t work and are just hanging out in our garage. I was a little hesitant for him to tell me what he bought. It was either going to be awesome, or it was going to be something ridiculous.

Well….It was awesome. He bought me an iPhone! WHAAAT! I was totally shocked! I half heartedly told him to cancel the Ebay win because I didn’t need it, but didn’t force the issue too much when he said no.

So now I have an iphone. It is weird and I am still getting used to it. I am so used to having a droid, and before that a Blackberry. Everything else in our house is Apple except for my phone. It has been weird getting used to it even with all of our current Apple products. It still doesn’t even feel like it is mine. But also this means that I have no way to look back on the week from the pictures I had taken to figure out if there was something I could write about for today (because I haven’t backed up my old phone to my computer yet…).

So, yaay for having an amazing boyfriend! I have a phone that works!

Happy Monday!

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Rally Recap!

I don’t even know where to begin. I have slept in more hotel rooms than I have my own bed these past few weeks, but finally we are back for a while. well at least a little while, until we go to New York. PS. Did I tell you we were going to NYC? Ya… In August, a week after school starts back up…oops….Any suggestions on where to go?

Hold on, I am getting ahead of myself. Lets back up.

Last week I was in Texas for a jewelry conference and it was AMAZING. There are 9,000-ish women and we fill up the entire Ft.  Worth Convention Center for a few days. Last year was my first time attending Rally (that is what we call it) and it was fabulous. It was completely overwhelming, but it was an incredible experience. This year it was still unbelievably awesome, but it was also a different experience because I was able to comprehend the deeper meaning of it all.

We are a company based on biblical principles but it is not super Jesus in your face if you don’t want it to be. I don’t really talk much about religion on here because, well….I just don’t wanna.

Maybe one day I can explain where I come from, but it is complicated with my family. So for now, lets get back to Rally.

This year, I was able to somewhat comprehend how much my company cares about me and encourages me. Not just as a jeweler, but as a person as well. It is interesting to look back on a lot of my life experiences and realize that it is rare to be a part of something where the founders, the other people in it, or just the whole thing encourages you and believes in you.

For example: I have my BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology and also I have my License as an SLPA. I am not the greatest test taker, honestly, I am really terrible at taking them. The stress KILLS me every time and my mind goes blank. No matter how much I study, it doesn’t matter. BUT, if you show me how to do something or give me the option to actually go out and do it, I can. So when I went to go and talk to my advisor, she straight up told me that I shouldn’t even try to get my Masters degree and just be an SLPA. Ok cool. That was it for me. I went on doing the exact same thing as I was doing knowing that I could get my BS and then my license and not have to get my MA. It wasn’t until this year at Rally, that I realized “what would have happened if my advisor had just encouraged me to do better. To believe in myself and really go for it, to tell me that if I did work hard, I could get there.” Would that have made a difference? Would my life be different/better/worse if she had? I have no idea. I am not saying it is her fault that I didn’t do better in school. I am just saying, would it have made a difference if she had just encouraged me to do better/more, versus saying that I wasn’t good enough.

I don’t know. I just realized how lucky I am to have found a company that wants me not only to succeed in everything in everything that I want to do, but to do more than I thought I could do, and to dream bigger and that they would be there to support and encourage me the entire way if I wanted them to be. I guess I can’t put it all in one post. Now that would be overwhelming! So let’s move on and get to all the photos. And by all the photos, I just mean a couple….I haven’t even uploaded mine to my computer yet…oops.

995903_874761464131_1539163535_nMisti is my senior leader and she has an incredible story. One night of Rally, all the Senior Leaders get all fancy-afied and get recognized.

998174_428215320626038_95121754_nSunday morning there is an optional church service you can attend. We were front and center like we owned the place. We even were asked to save seats for the Horner family (the family that founded and still runs Premier Designs)!

35539_874760166731_1925380970_nMe and my Premier Grandma, Niquel with Time Horner, President.

970602_427737630673807_1338745755_nAfter 15 hour days, this is how we train.

21376_874757856361_2003647439_nEach day you have to wear a certain color, this day was emerald green.

998699_874761843371_975230220_nAll of us at church on sunday.

1005167_10100666312361598_1882984604_nWith Andy Horner! He and his wife founded Premier when they were 60! Here we are now almost 28 years later and it is seriously my favorite thing!

1001662_874761454151_1790190011_nBecause we don’t have enough accessories on already, we were given hats to wear during our “family’s training”….Super stylish.

1070101_10201445721210028_1165706178_nRed White and Blue Day. Probably the BEST day of Rally. Probably the most emotional day too.

So anyways, I could go on, but I won’t.

Happy Monday!

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Stitch Fix # 3

I have been a total slacker about posting about my Stitch Fix. Honestly, I have been trying to decide how I want to do it (I am probably just over thinking it…a lot.). I couldn’t really decide so I just took some photos of what I got and am posting them. I kept the entire box and I am really glad I did. There were a few things in there I originally only kept because it was cheaper to buy the whole box then it was to not buy the whole box…ya know? But I ended up loving those pieces just as much if not more than the pieces I really wanted in the first place.

Here is what I got:

PS. Don’t judge how wrinkly they are. some of them I wear all the time and sit in piles on my dresser because it is easier to grab them, than it is to fold them and put them away all the time. IMG_5011Like I said, don’t mind the wrinkles. I have already shown you these jeans here. But seriously, they are amazing. And I love them and I wish it wasn’t 108 degrees outside so I could still wear them.

IMG_5012You can see how this dress fits on here. I love this dress. I have already worn it multiple times and every time, I get compliments. It is the perfect length and it isn’t heavy and it fits my boobs!

IMG_5016This shirt I wasn’t too crazy about at first. But I wore it with white shorts and it looked really cute. SO I guess I am not sad that I kept it.

IMG_5022I have a confession to make. I really like this necklace. I don’t really buy jewelry anymore because I sell it, and I just can’t justify spending more money on jewelry especially if I can’t make it a tax write off. But I really like this piece. You can see it on here.

IMG_5020When I tried this shirt on the first time, I was nowhere near impressed. I was actually kind of disappointed by how boring it was. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. I love this shirt! It looks AMAZING tucked into skirts and the color is great and it is incredibly soft. Seriously, I am so glad I realized  how amazing this shirt was.

So that was my Stitch Fix. I am completely happy with this service so far. It is so much better than actually having to go to the mall and pick out my own clothes…

Happy Monday!

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Monday Blues.

Seriously Monday? How are you already here!? I need more time! I just don’t get how this weekend flew by SO FAST!

Oh wait, yes I do.

Friday, right after work I rushed over to nanny until 10pm. Good thing they had Chipotle waiting for me when I got there, or else I wouldn’t have survived. Also, we swam for a few hours too so that took up a good chunk of time.

Saturday, we went to San Francisco to see the Giants play. I love me some Giants. What I don’t love is sitting in the melting sun waiting for one of the teams to get their stuff together and score so we could go home. The giants finally stepped their game up at the bottom of the 11th inning…THEBOTTOMOFTHE11THININNGINGAREYOUSERIOUS?!?!?!? It was the slowest game I think I have ever watched. It was 1-1 the entire time with nobody even getting on base. It was just out after out after out. I mean, I know that it is baseball and all, but this was just slow!

IMAG1248Good thing they gave us bobble heads for attending the game.

We left Ellie at my dad’s house while we were at the game so when we picked her up, this is how I was greeted. PUPPYSWARM!

Sunday, my momma came over in the morning and we went to breakfast and picked out a new zucchini plan and mint plant because ours weren’t looking so hot….well that was the wrong word, they were definitely hot…they just weren’t looking very good and they haven’t been producing at all…photo-21

Poor zucchini plant. 
Hopefully these do better.

I then had a bunch of Premier Designs stuff going on and then came home to eat apple pie and ice cream in bed at 10pm. That is normal, right?

How was your weekend??

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Birchbox Haul.

It is 10pm and I just finished gardening…. At least it was cool outside and not blazing hot. I think I might just garden at night from now on. Pretty genius if you ask me!

It was such a pleasant evening too. We went to our friend’s house to have dinner and we hung outside until it was so dark we could no longer see Ellie. The weather was perfect. I also, ogled her fabulous garden and then she decided to dig up some of her green bean plants and make me take them home with me. Hence the night gardening. I had to get them in the ground if I wanted them to have a chance to make it through the night. And before you ask, why would she dig up her plants for you? Well because she went a little nuts-o when planting everything and over planted.

Onto the main point of this post. I had received my 16month promo from Birchbox not that long ago and it was actually a good promo too. It was 25% off your entire order. I was stoked. Also because I had almost 600 BB points to use up. So with that being said, I am about to brag about what I only spent $15 bucks on. Be jealous. 😉


Lets start with Benefit’s Fine One One: I have been wanting to try this since it came out. But honestly, I have 2-3 blushes that I already use consistently and I really didn’t need to spend $30 on another just because I thought it was a neat idea. I also was hesitant because I use powdered makeup and this was a cream blush and I didn’t know how well it would blend. Well, I am THRILLED that I finally decided to get it. Holy crap. It is amazing. It gives you the most natural glow and it looks so fabulous. I am not even sad that the Hot Mama blush by TheBalm was sold out on BB because this is so amazing I feel like I may never go back to using a powdered blush. Ok that may be a lie. I am still planning on ordering the Hot Mama when it is back in stock, but I am seriously just LOVING the Fine One One right now. Benefit has not let me down yet and I am totally elated over this. Ok, enough gushing about this product. But honestly, if you don’t already have it, GOGETITNOW.

Amika Nourishing Mask: I received a sample of this in one of my boxes and loved the smell of it. I wasn’t really sure how to use it and honestly the first time I tried it, I didn’t think it was all that amazing. BUT everyone kept talking it up and how important it was to deep condition your hair and it smelled absolutely fantastic, that I thought, hey, it’s only 12 bucks, why not? So I added it to my cart. I am really happy that I did. I must have done it wrong the first time…. I used up the last part of the sample that I got in my box the other day and it made my hair really soft and shiny. It was awesome. The first day, my hair was a little heavier than normal, but the next few days after that my hair felt awesome. It also smelled fabulous. Like I can’t get over how good it smells.

Yes To Carrots Lip Butter: This was also a sample that came in one of my boxes. Honestly this lip butter was the best thing that came in that box…note my disappointment. My first reaction was cool….chapstick. Seriously? And it was $10 for 4 of them. When in all honestly, I really just couldn’t get past the spending $10 at one time on chapstick. I am so cheap. So I figured that the one in my box was enough and it could go in my purse or somewhere convenient. Well, that super convenient place was apparently not so convenient, because I have no idea where it is anymore. And as soon as I couldn’t find it, I began craving the texture/smoothness of THAT specific chapstick. So it had to be. It was put into my cart. There really wasn’t a choice in the matter. I have no regrets either. If it was socially acceptable to not stop putting it on my lips (like just going over and over and over it like a 7 year old) I would do it. SOGOOD.

Oscar Blandi – Texturizing And Volumizing Spray and Volumizing Dry Shampoo: This came as a set, and with it was that hair prong thing-a-ma-jig. When I first got the texturizing spray in my box, I was like WTF do I do with this. I am pretty sure I even used it wrong the first time and was totally unimpressed. Then I decided to give it another go. It was this time that I realized how incredible this stuff truly was. I have no idea how I survived so long without it. I can’t curl my hair without it anymore. Seriously the best stuff ever. My girlfriend gave me her sample and I was thrilled because I could put off actually buying this because by itself, it is $25! WOAH. Shut that ship down! SoMuchMoney for hair stuff that I don’t NEED. Good thing I had my BB points and my 25% off and the fact that the set that it came in only cost $35! I am not really sure how that works….Everything was full sized too! Why wouldn’t you buy the set??

I am one happy girl. This is one of those reasons that keeps me with BB. Their points system completely makes up for any of the crappiness that you get in your boxes.

Do you BB? (Do you like how I used it as a verb?) What have been your favorites that you have found from BB?

Happy Monday!

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1000281_10100628521714358_480747239_nThis is what I look like right now. It is super hard to type. And I don’t do my best writing when on pain killers. But this was my counter offer to going to the ER on a Sunday night. It was much cheaper. I made cody eat a popsicle for this…hopefully it will last until my Dr. appointment tomorrow. Until then, I am going to be sitting here watching the Fast and the Furious marathon that is going on right now on ion.

See you tomorrow with an update. And a better post (hopefully).

Happy Monday!

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Weekend Recap.

This weekend there was a lot of stuff going on. There wasn’t much time to take any photos.

But here are a few things that I felt were awesome. And maybe semi-interesting/entertaining for you. 🙂

photo 1Obviously this is the most important thing that happened all weekend. I mean, come on, how does this not make you feel better.

We had our book club meeting this weekend and chose our new book. I am excited for it to come.

photo 2Finding the most creepy super man pillow…

IMG_20130602_204559Trying to keep myself in check and not keep this ring….(I had a customer order the wrong size so I am needing to return it to get her the right size.) Life is hard!

photo 3Awesome finds in the sears optical department…

IMG_20130601_145334Getting paid to play at the pool with this awesome dude on a 100 degree day.

IMG_20130601_101423S’mores doughnuts.
photo 4We went looking at rings again this weekend (He hasn’t asked yet, we are just “looking”). I found a pretty one. When I got home I decided that my finger didn’t look as nice without the ring so I sat like this for a while. Cody gave me funny looks.

So that was part of my weekend. What did you do??

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