The Job Hunt.

Trying to find a job pretty much sucks. I am trying to be positive. I have been working for my dad, doing some marketing and event planning (which I totally love, btw) but mostly I get paid in health insurance (which is a really good thing to have so I shouldn’t really complain). And hopefully next week my volunteer work with one of my local school district’s speech department will start and I will have that to look forward to. Both of these things I am happy/excited about and I know they will be good for my future and they get me out of bed and doing something. But right now, I am sad. I hate being sad. I love being the positive one. But I have been positive for so long without it really getting me anywhere. Maybe this is coming from me not getting the job I was hoping for and I got that email today. Sorry for me being so lame and all boo hoo. But this is for me and I can write whatever I damn well please. lol. (hey look, that totally rhymed) I am trying to keep my head up. To keep telling myself this will all be worth it. It has to be, right? Today may have sucked in the job hunt area, but hopefully that means tomorrow will be better.

It has to be better. I am going horse back riding and pretending I am living the Heartland life.

Also, is it fall yet? I miss my clothes.


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