Engagement Photos.

We got our engagement photos back the other day. I don’t have enough words to express how much I love them. There are so many choices that you make while planning a wedding and sometimes you get just a little nervous sometimes hoping that you made the right decision. Well, we had an amazing time taking our photos at my family’s cabin and Ryan was so amazing and made us feel so comfortable during our shoot. I was feeling good about our decision to go with him.

We got our pictures back and I know that we went with the right photographer. I am so happy and so is Cody.

Anyways, I will get to it. Here are a few of my favorites!











I love looking at them. And the fact that we chose a place that really means something to us makes them so much more special.

Photo Credit: Ryan Greenleaf

Happy Thursday!


It’s Raining!

It is finally raining here in CA and I couldn’t be happier. Normally we listen to books on tape at night, but not last night! We got to listen to the rain. Seriously the best thing ever.

This is from one of our local weather men:

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.34.20 PM

It has been a dry year for us. Which not only is bad for all the farmers and whatnot, but it totally sucks for me because I LOVE the rain. I hate it when people say that we are in for not so great weather. I say BOOOOO to you. Rain is wonderful and perfect and it means snow in the mountains which keeps my family in business!

So anyways, I could go on, but I won’t.

Happy Wednesday! Today we eat cake! No really. We are going to eat some of our future wedding cake. 🙂

Engagement Photos.

This past weekend Cody and I took our engagement photos. We were supposed to choose a place that meant something to us (which is a lot harder than you think it is). We decided to take our photos in Pinecrest, CA, where my family has a cabin. I have spent a good portion of my life up there and Cody loves it up there too. The only bummer about taking photos there is that it is 2.5 hours away. There was a lot of driving involved. But it was good. We got to know our photographer better and he and Ellie sat in the back with him and they got to “bond.” It was a really fun trip. We had a bunch of props, some we didn’t even use. But mostly it was just the 4 of us having a wonderful time in a place that we love.

Ellie got to run wild pretty much the entire time and absolutely loved it. The lake was almost completely empty so many of our photos were taken at the bottom of the lake, which was pretty neat. I have found that it is really difficult to take not silly photos the entire time AND I have a really hard time being super cuddly and lovey dovey in front of people. Oops. Sorry babe.

I can’t wait until we get to see our photos. I have to wait 2 weeks for them! It is going to be a long two weeks. So until then, I have to remember our trip by these few photos that we took.



1452127_574385842615210_1041100925_nHappy Wednesday!

Engagement Photo Outfits.

I have had a really difficult time finding something to wear for our engagement photos. Well time is up, our shoot is on Monday. I have what I have, and even though I am not 100% satisfied with the outfits I have chosen, they will do.

Thank you all for your suggestions on where to buy dresses. I ended up getting this one at modcloth.

I do have a question though. Grey or textured beige. Super important question over here. Which set of tights do you like better?



What do you think?? I don’t know which I like better.

And then cody entertained himself by playing with his flash.






My fiancé man is super nerdy but I totally love him.

Happy Thursday!

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Mason Jar Wedding Inspiration.

We are having our wedding at a horse sanctuary and so it is going to be a backyard/country themed wedding. So yes there will be mason jars. Pinterest is full of different ideas for how you can make them unique. I love them all. Here are a few of the pins I have floating around my pinterest just for some inspiration.

















It is going to be hard to decide which ones we are going to use without going too overboard. I really just love them all!

Happy Wednesday!

Fall Colors.

I went wedding dress shopping again last night. Every time I go looking for a dress it is just really disappointing. I have had more people be rude to me while shopping for dresses, than I think anyone has been in my entire life. AND I never find anything that I like. So needless to say, I did not have high hopes for this trip. And those feelings didn’t change when I got there either. BUT, they had ONE, count it, ONE, dress that was the silhouette that I am looking for and I kinda think this one could really be THE dress. I was so excited and happy about it. I called my mom and am making her come see it on Friday just to make sure she likes it too. And I really wanted her to be there too. I even called my step mom and asked her if she would like to see it before I made a final decision on it.

I was so excited. But it is hard to stay excited when people (not my mom) ask about the price and then start telling you that it is too much for a dress and that you need to keep looking. Let me put this out there. I AM PAYING FOR MY DRESS. Cody and I are paying for our wedding. Also, this dress I found is UNDER my budget. Every single store that I have gone to has told me that I need to up my budget because I am never going to get what I want with mine. Anyways, I am not so excited.

My point being, if you know someone who is getting married, if you are not paying for something, you have NO right to say anything about the price of something. It just makes the other person feel bummed out.

On a more fun note, I am loving fall and the fall colors!

IMG_6234 IMG_6235

I got this in my latest Stitch Fix and I love the color of this skirt but I have decided I like the way it looks backwards versus forwards (Shhhhhh! don’t tell). The front of it has this huge waist band thing that makes it look like a pregnancy skirt. So if you aren’t wearing it with a belt you have to wear it backwards. It was only $28 (which is super awesome for Stitch Fix prices) so I wasn’t too picky about not wearing it forwards. Have any of you gotten this skirt? How do you wear it? I am super curious to see how other people wear theirs!

Happy Thursday!

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Wedding Update.

Today, I wrote the check to our wedding photographer. It was really exciting. Don’t judge. It’s the little things. 

It still doesn’t feel totally real yet though. We have so much stuff done too! When does it start to feel real??!! Maybe when we have something tangible it will feel real. That whole check thing made it a little more real though. 

We got engaged on August 17 and since then this is what we have done:







Favors (We know what we are using but we haven’t bought them yet)

Initial guest list is done

We know what Save the Dates and Invitations we are getting

I have asked all my bridesmaids to be in it. Cody has not finished this task yet. 

So yea. I feel like we have a lot done so far. I am ready to do more! I love planning, I am just ready for it to feel really real! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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PS. Picking a wedding cake is hard! And so is picking a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. 



High 5 For Friday!

1. I got engaged.

2. I have had the whole bed to myself this week. It’s been nice, but I am ready to share again.


4.  I got to ask 2 of my friends to be bridesmaids and made one of them cry because of it 🙂
2 down, 2 to go.

5. My real ring came!

Happy Friday!

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Wedding Dresses.

I was all sorts of ready to show you how super fashionable I was the other day, but Cody took the SD card with my outfit on it to NYC. Convenient. So here are some wedding dresses I have been coveting for some time now. The only difference between now and a few weeks ago, is that I actually get to buy a wedding dress now. WEIRD. It still hasn’t sunk in.

cc161101f0b2af8626fd55070522c5d5Hello dream dress.

22d7ecf3ba537382ac60c18b1e27e263Bagh! I love the back of this!

4343360420d5d1ac2ece6242f24c97e3SOOOO PRETTY!

c679158dad67cd3d5679fc658a9f6dbbI am loving all of this.



758dcb4ddfa12c66bc52bb9a5ab7fd74Seriously, ILOVETHIS.


be4f9acbb91b7f68650bb2c8c9d07b1cIf I were going short, it would be this.





I have no idea how I am ever going to choose a wedding dress. I went randomly with my momma the other day on a spur of the moment trip. I am so overwhelmed.

Maybe it will be easier once it all sinks in.

How did you find your wedding dress? Or what kids of wedding dresses are your favorite?

Happy Thursday!

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Oh Hey, Look What I Made.

I have been talking about one of my friend’s weddings that happened last Friday. I was involved in a lot of the planning and getting ready and there was a lot of DIY. It was a mostly DIY wedding. It was small and sweet at a restaurant near her house. I was lovely. And really warm.

We made all the decorations and I was really excited to make her a banner. My friend Marlee has a Cricut and so I summoned her over to my house to get crafty and use it to make the banner.

It was a small military wedding with the theme of red white and blue.

This was a super easy project too.

You are going to need:

Different colored card stock
Hole punch
Glue Stick
Cricut (optional)

photo 11. Cut out the shapes you want to put your letters on. I chose triangles, but I have seen people use rectangles, bunnies, other shapes, really whatever you want.

2. Cut out the lettering that you want to use with card stock.

3. I like to visualize the final product first so I laid it out the way I wanted it to be in the end and then I glued all the letters on.

photo 3Michaels failed on card stock colors so I had to get a few just pieces of paper that had nice designs on them.

4. To make them not so flimsy, I backed them with some of the heavier card stock.

photo 45. Put a piece of tape on the back side of your banner pieces where you plan on putting your hole punches to reinforce the whole.

6. Punch holes in your banner pieces at the top for the ribbon to be able to go through.

IMG_3209_1200px7. Put ribbon through the holes.

8. Hang.

9. Enjoy your handy work!

It was totally easy and I felt super accomplished after I was done.

Everyone loved the banner and it made the room look so much better.